8pack i5

We’ve all been hearing about have you can now overclocker non-k Skylake CPUs with, for the most part, a simple BIOS update. Using the BLCK overclocking, 8PACK has created some beastly gaming bundles with hand chosen parts using the i5 6400 Processor. In the past, the K variants of the i5 chips have always been the gaming sweet spot! Well as we all know, the K chips are a bit more expensive and thanks to recent revelations 8PACK has hooked up this super sweet gaming bundle making Skylake an affordable and well worthy upgrade.

The bundle is currently avaiable for sale with a price tag of £329.95 and comes with FREE DPD next day delivery!  Included in the bundle is an ASUS Z170-E motherboard, i5 6400 processor, 8GB DDR4 HyperX Fury memory, and an Alpenfohn cooler, so you are definitely getting your monies worth!
For more details on the overclock settings for this bundle, see this thread on their forum.

But wait. is the Bundle still a bit more than you would like to pay? Well then, worry not as there is also a cheaper i3 bundle available as well!

8pack i3 8pack i5