Gambling has both its pros and cons. On one end, gambling can help one rake up fortunes, on the other hand, it can cause compulsive gambling behaviours leading up to financial drain, psychological issues, and even self-harm tendencies. It is therefore advised to practice safe and secure gambling practices. Since excessive gambling gives rise to multiple issues, various gambling laws have been implemented to safeguard potential risk gamblers. 

As stricter laws were established, gambling-banning apps and services also came into existence. These online services restrict online gambling by banning users registered on these sites from online casino applications and sites. The self-exclusion schemes are specially developed to reduce harm related to gambling. 

There is certain gambling blocking software that has effectually limited and controlled excessive gambling for free. These restrict credit card and bank transactions and stop money deposits into casino accounts. These have become popular among users for their impeccable service. 


The UKGC introduced a free self-exclusion service in 2018 as part of the National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme(NOSES) called Gamstop. It is a service that restricts players from using gambling apps and sites and creating accounts on these sites. Players can register with Gamstop for a selected period like 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years to curb their compulsive gambling habits. Gamstop has successfully restrained thousands of gambling addicts and got players to practice safe gambling. All UKGC online casinos in the UK are registered with Gamstop and they avail of their services. 

The process of registration is fairly simple. All a player has to do is provide their personal information including proof of identity, address, employment proof and contact information to Gamstop for them to effectively limit transactions on gambling apps. The player will receive an email and be registered within 24 hours. The service can be renewed if a player feels the need to maintain their restriction. However, some players look for ways around GamStop to keep playing and use strategies like those listed on, but this method can apply only to responsible punters, who can control themselves on their own. 


Freedom is another software blocker founded in 2011 which restricts the usage of social media apps and sites which are distractive. It can be accessed through a multitude of devices and platforms and works instantaneously. Freedom blocks gambling sites and apps apart from other social media sites. It is a free service that aims to reduce excess social media consumption by getting people to refocus on their lives and activities.

Freedom is an extremely popular self-exclusion software blocker that has over 2 million users around the world. Freedom has to be downloaded for use and then launched by creating an account and logging in. Once an account is created, users can log in and get started.


Gamban is a software blocker founded in 2015 that when installed on selected devices will ban access to all gambling-related apps and sites. Gamban is flexible and adaptable to any device used and can be installed on the devices for free, moreover, Gamban effectually blocks the usage of multiple gambling apps and provides access to resources to aid compulsive gamblers and has over 40,000 users. Gamban is linked to a UK-based social organisation called GambleAware that provides aid to gambling addicts and their families. 

There are different steps to install Gamban on other devices, the software blocker adapts itself to the respective devices. Next, players can just create an account with email and get started on it. 


WasteNoTime is an extension that blocks distractive sites and manages time and schedules for users. It is a web blocker that works with minimum personal details and navigates only browser history for information. This extension gives users a list of apps they spend the most time on and creates a time-efficient system for users. It bans gambling apps and sites since they are time-consuming and harmful.

WasteNoTime is highly efficient and can curb the usage of an app or site for a designated period according to the user. The user can manage the schedule and self-exclude simultaneously through this extension.


BetBlocker was founded in 2019 and is a tool to help prevent compulsive gambling. As for the BetBlocker comparison, this tool is pretty useful but has its own disadvantages. This app restricts all the apps and sites for free and can be used on all available platforms and devices. 

BetBlocker restricts access to around 15293 sites related to gambling and users have been able to control their gambling addiction through the help of this app. 

Users can register on BetBlocker by downloading on the device as it has access to gambling sites across the world, preventing registration to apps and sites out of the user’s country. BetBlocker does not require the personal information of users and can be used anonymously.


Gambling problems can be dealt with ease if the compulsive gambler can recognise the symptoms and take actions to prevent falling into the depths of gambling. The app and site blockers can beneficially improve responsible gambling and promote healthier practices. There are multiple awareness schemes and helplines one can refer to or contact during a time of need.