Punters who gamble on online casino platforms are familiar with free spins. These act as a major promotional tool to attract customers and is an entertainment factor for casinos that gives them out as rewards, and bonus features for slots. 

Free spins are used on slot games while spinning the reels to maximise the chances to win. Despite the principle remaining the same, specific free spins offers differ from one casino to another – players usually look out for them on NonStopCasino.org and other similar websites. Casinos use free spins as a marketing tool so that punters have a chance of winning money without risking their own funds initially. 

How To Get Free Spins at Online Casinos

The term “free spins” refers to spinning the reels of a slot machine. Newer video slots offer virtual reels. A free spin is basically a spin of the reels or a single bet that is offered free of cost. Thus, punters look out for free spin features in online casinos since they can be a great way to generate a profit.

The majority of slot games offer some kind of free spins in order to attract gamblers. There are two main ways in which players can acquire free spins: 

  • Winning free spins while playing
  • Promotions.

The major confusion that tends to arise at times is distinguishing between promotions and free spins that are won during gameplay. 

Winning Free Spins During Gameplay

Winning free spins happens when a punter hits a certain symbol combination on the reels or on a special feature. Such spins are often supplemented with multipliers ranging up to 50000x. Free spins could trigger off subsequent free spins and winning combinations. However, the money won through such promotional features is subjected to stringent wagering needs.

Getting Free Spins Promo

Another form of free spins that interests the punters is the promotional kind. These are usually awarded to punters as a welcome bonus or some marketing offers when a new gambler chooses to gamble at a casino. 

Limitations on Free Spins Acquirement

It is crucial that players check with Terms and Conditions of the casino they are playing at. There is always a cap on how much one can possibly win in terms of cash conversion from bonus money. 

Although all licensed casinos in the UK are obliged to follow UKGC rules and gambling legislation, every casino has its own terms and conditions applicable. If one gets 200 free spins, but regardless of how much one wins, the cash out could limit them to say $30. One might simply have to play through the winnings a certain number of times before withdrawals like a standard cash bonus. 

The same can be done with non-welcome bonus offers as well. Free spin offers usually are on a certain slot and require a deposit first. 

Types of Free Spins Offered to Players

There are three main types of free spins, mostly correlating with the way they are earned:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • Deposit (welcome) bonuses
  • Spins won during the game.

No Deposit Free Spins

Free spins are awarded the moment you enrol in a casino, even before you make the first deposit. These free spins can be used while playing slot games, subject to terms and conditions.

Deposit Bonuses

The easiest way of earning free spins is via welcome bonuses. Many gambling platforms offer free spins or a standard cash match bonus or both! The main offer might be depositing $10 and getting $30 to play with an extra bonus of a certain number of free spins. However, always remember that free spins earned from promotions such as these come with certain limitations as well. 

Free Spins Won During an Ongoing Game

Free spins are awarded to a certain stake size which is not adjustable. When a punter gets free spins through a bonus round, they are counted as the stake size that is being used at that time. There might also be additional benefits where a 3x multiplier is offered on every free spin which might retrigger too. They can even take place in some different gaming modes with other symbols, and values. 


Free spins are a great way to boost motivation amongst punters and help them get the hang of these games before making a heavy investment. First of all, learn how online slots work. Then, decide what is better for you: a no deposit bonus vs. low wager bonus. Also, pay attention to what rules are set for slot bonuses, what are the potential pitfalls, and so on. 

Also, always check out the no-deposit bonus offers first. They are rare but certain sites do offer them just for signing up without any deposit. This is indeed a great start to something that requires no initial investment. These platforms might have some cap or wagering but with zero deposit. Thus, there is nothing to lose initially.