QNAP® Systems, Inc. today released the mobile version of Qcontactz, an app that allows users to securely store a near-unlimited number of contacts on their QNAP NAS. With the Qcontactz mobile app, users can quickly import their phone contacts to their NAS and directly access all of the contacts stored on the NAS for greater convenience and storage space saving.

The Qcontactz mobile app also supports all the other basic functionalities ofQcontactz, including adding contacts, importing contacts from Google™ accounts and CSV or vCard 3.0 files, quick search, and duplicate contact management.

“Qcontactz is a very useful contact management application that prevents growing contact lists from getting out of hand,” said Aseem Manmualiya, Product Manager of QNAP. “With the availability of Qcontactz on iOS and Android platforms, Qcontactz has become even stronger by providing users with cross-platform importing of contacts to their NAS.”


Qcontactz is now available from Google Play™ and the App Store® must beinstalled and initialised on your NAS before using Qcontactz (web or mobile).


Qcontactz supports iOS version 9.0 (or later) and Android version 4.0 (or later)


Qcontactz is compatible with x86-based models (TS-x51, TS-x51+, TS-x51A, TS-x53, TS-x53A, TS/TVS-x63, TVS-x70, TVS-x71, TS/SS-x79, TS/TVS-x80, TVS-x82, TBS-453B, TS-x53B, TS-1685, TDS-16489U) and ARM-based models (TS-x31+, TS-x31x, TS- x31P, TS-1635). The TS-269H is not supported.