Reeven is a manufacturer of high-performance PC cooling components. Their air coolers like Justice RC-1205, Ouranos RC-1401 have been truly high performing products. Now the company is making entry into the water cooling market. Reeven has announced the upcoming launch of their first all-in-one (CLC) liquid cooling solution. They have named their cooler as NAIA 240 where 240 indicates the 240mm size of the radiator.
This product will feature a 240mm radiator and a patented micro-channel base plate. The cooler is said to be engineered for maximum heat transfer and dissipation. The unique large-pump-design gives Naia 240 a superior cooling efficiency and allows users to refill coolant as needed. Refilling is a handy provision for sure. Reeven also includes three bottles of coolant dye, enabling users to customize coolant color to match their systems theme. Naia 240 has an MSRP of US$109 and will be on display at Computex 2017.

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