14.04.2021 – Warsaw, Poland – SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, announces the feature-packed GK650K full-size mechanical keyboards. The new series comes in a solid and compact design with an aluminium top cover and a conveniently located volume wheel. The supplied palm rest assures increased comfort, while the customizable RGB backlighting covers the eye-catching illumination with effects. Thanks to the well-balanced feature set, the GK650K is the perfect keyboard for work or study during the daytime and extensive online battles during late hours. To match every gamer’s requirement for the ideal click-feedback, GK650K is available with Kailh Blue, Kailh Brown and Kailh Red mechanical switches.

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Comfort meets functionality

The SPC Gear GK650K Omnis keyboard is a combination of classic style and gaming power. The sharp edges, contoured aluminium top and palm rest look great in all conditions and provides an acclaimed combination for long sessions. The visuals are boosted further thanks to RGB LED strips on the keyboard’s sides to illuminate the gaming environment further.

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New GK650K Omnis offers various ways to customize the keyboard. The configurable RGB backlighting provides almost unlimited colour combinations and 18 different animation effects, from constant illumination, slow turn of colour, wave to the change depending on pressing a particular button. Further modifications can be made using the SPC Gear software. Adjustment of the keyboard’s height to one of three possible positions can be done using the two-stepped feet. A detachable USB cable with a Type-C connector with specially designed channels on the bottom is also new to the GK650K keyboard. The cable can be detached and routed in one of three positions.

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The correct switches for every Gamer

The individual user experience with a keyboard is strongly influenced by the switches that are used in the particular model. Each keystroke is defined by the force, travel and feedback of the given switch. Users prefer how a good keyboard has to feel and how it should react to each interaction. SPC Gear is offering the GK630K with three different switches to deliver the right combination for each gamer.

With the Kailh Red mechanical switches, a small amount of pressure is enough to activate the button, perfect for competitive online games such as FPS or Battle Royales. Thanks to their extremely hushed operation, the Kailh Red switches are less audible.

On the other hand, the Kailh Brown mechanical switches are characterized by balanced operation, which makes them perfect for both games and everyday use. A huge advantage in games is the short travel until to activate the keys. The Kailh Brown switches are also quiet and tactile.

Kailh Blue mechanical switches are the perfect solution for users who type a lot on the keyboard. Their loud, characteristic click is excellent feedback and confirmation of a keystroke. Each keypress is accompanied by a high-pitched clicking noise and a perceptible key jump. The switch is activated when pressed halfway, which ensures high comfort both while gaming and typing.

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The software of the SPC Gear GK650K keyboard gives access to many useful functions. It is possible to set the type of RGB backlighting, its colour, effects mode, and create custom profiles. The advanced macro creator allows the player to quickly save their commands, requiring the combination of several buttons under one key.The SPC Gear GK650K keyboards with the US layout are available today at online stores and retailers.Product NameModel#WarrantyMSRP*SPC Gear GK650K Omnis Kailh Blue RGBSPG1152 Years79,90 €SPC Gear GK650K Omnis Kailh Brown RGBSPG1162 Years79,90 €SPC Gear GK650K Omnis Kailh Red RGBSPG1172 Years79,90 €