Weertzen/Cologne, 18 August 2016 – SPEEDLINK has gradually expanded its successful gamepad lineup in recent years. The USB gamepad, which is unveiled today at gamescom, ticks every box – especially for those who like to customise their kit. In addition to standard buttons, the QUINOX Gamepad boasts two additional shoulder buttons plus four buttons on the back. And the best bit: all the additional buttons are fully customisable via the software. 

Since 1998, input devices such as flightsticks, joysticks and gamepads have been a firm fixture of SPEEDLINK’s lineup. The USB gamepad doesn’t just feature the usual A, B, X, Y buttons and two analog sticks – it’s also equipped with 6 additional buttons. Macro functions can even be assigned to the additional buttons via the software, and saved in any of the two profiles. It’s also possible to configure the analog sticks’ sensitivity and the trigger deadzones. The OLED display makes the configuration process a breeze. And the vibration function delivers an intense gaming experience. In addition, switching between DirectInput and XInput mode is simple using the integrated switch. The new gamepad will be available from October for an RRP of £59.99.


QUINOX Pro USB Gamepad / SL-650005-BK

–        USB connector with detachable cable (micro USB)

–        Two analog sticks with integrated buttons, digital D-pad

–        Standard buttons: A, B, X, Y, Back, Start, Home, 2 analog triggers (with buttons), 2 shoulder buttons

–        Additional buttons: 2 shoulder buttons, 4 buttons on the back

–        Fully customisable additional buttons; assignments can be stored in any of the two button profiles

–        Additional buttons support macros which can be stored in any of the two macro profiles

–        Four additional button profiles

–        Backlit main buttons (A, B, X, Y) and analog sticks (red, configurable)

–        4-segment LED surrounding Home button (red)

–        OLED display and two touch controls for button programming and settings

–        Configurable analog stick sensitivity and trigger deadzones

–        Vibration function

–        DirectInput and XInput mode, switchable

–        On/off switch

–        Dimensions: 154 × 109 × 66mm (W × D × H)

–        Weight: 200g