The world’s leading memory brand, Team Group today announced PD700, a high speed external storage product. PD700 has an unmatched high speed performance and an eye catching look. Its R&D, design, product quality and marketing are all highly praised by judges of the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award and won the award out of 498 companies and 1,180 entries in the category of Computer Hardware & Peripherals. 

   In the generation of information explosion, ultra high capacity and an easy to carry compact size are the two must requirements for consumers’ mobile digital lifestyle. PD700 is using the latest USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface and the newest Type-c cable to provide a transfer speed of up to 10Gb/s. With an ultra high capacity of 960GB, it offers users a fast and direct way to access, edit and transfer files or applications. Users are able to experience the sensation of a lightning fast performance without any lag problem. PD700 can also satisfy the need for high speed transfer and multimedia storage at any time. By making file sharing easier, important information is able to be completely stored instantly, offering an efficient digital mobile lifestyle to users. 

   With deep and wide range of expertise in R&D, and a combination of practical performance and charismatic design, Team Group has been continuously dedicated to satisfying the needs of our consumers in every aspect. Merging beauty and technology, PD700 offers an uncompromised perfection of the metal craftsmanship. It is using one entire piece of forged aluminum as basis of the process. The exterior design is using Aluminum concentric circles and diamond cutting. Through diamond cutting technology, and with seven steps of metal anodization process, the concentric circles are made not only to display an absolute minimalist design, but also an exquisite craftsmanship. In addition to the amazing transfer speed and the eye catching metal crafted exterior, PD700 is compact and lightweight. It is only a little larger than the size of a name card and weighs only 120g, which can be easily carried in a pocket. It is also the perfect match for ultra slim laptops like Ultrabook, MacBook, etc. to create an ideal, slim and lightweight trend of stylish technology.The exquisite and compact size is convenient for users to carry around, and makes it a zero hassle and expandable multimedia database with high mobility that can store important files and precious memories at any time. 

   With the built-in solid state drive, PD700 not only can achieve the best transfer performance, but also offers an all-around protection for data with capabilities of noise resistance, shockproof and fall resistance, so data corruption or data loss caused by external factors while using can be avoided. Its unique, high quality and extreme speed performance, not only make it a highly praised winner of the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award, but also consumer’s best partner when living in a high efficient digital mobile lifestyle. 

PD700  Specification