Hype energy was not a company I had heard of until just a few weeks ago. As part of my being better at using Twitter campaign, I randomly search for different things and managed to stumble across HYPE. After seeing one of their posts, I immediately headed on over to to check out their site and to shoot them a little message. While PC components reviews are our specialty at Enos Tech, I love reaching out to other companies that are still within the Tech / Gaming industries but don’t offer the normal range of products we look at. Much to my surprise, the folks at Hype got back to me rather quickly and were happy to send in a couple of samples for some ‘testing’!

Much to my wife’s disliking, I have been enjoying energy drinks for near on 14 years now. While there are plenty of horror stories out there and they certainly aren’t for everyone, when used properly they can really help with a number of things. When I first started drinking energy drinks, it was to help me get through my long days of work. Now, I like to enjoy one in the morning the same way people do coffee, and sometimes I may have a 2nd one if I need a bit of energy or really want to focus and concentrate on something. When enjoyed responsibly, energy drinks can help to give you that little extra boost to help you complete the task at hand.

The folks at Hype Energy seem to have a wide range of interests from gaming to racing. Hype even has some great brand ambassadors such as Kim Kardashian, Mohammed Reza Golzar, and Aryana Sayeed. The fund doesn’t stop there, though! Hype even sponsors F1 teams such as the Sahara Force F1 Team and is very involved with things like the Grand Prix, to see more of this and other cool tweets, head over to their twitter @HyperEnergy.



After Dark

This drink has a bit of a cinnamon flavour to it, with a serious cinnamon smell. When I first opened the can, I was a bit scared to taste it as I am not an overly big fan of cinnamon. However, it was fine and not that bad. The taste is definitely not as strong as the smell is and it tastes like they just added cinnamon to a normal energy drink, which was just fine with me.



This is the low-calorie version for those who want to get a bit of extra energy but are still conscious about their calorie intake. The taste isn’t bad at all and really does just taste like a liter version of a normal energy drink.



MFP – Maximum Energy

The big boy on the block! The Maximum Energy version which features your more standard energy drink taste. As far as standard energy drinks go, this one has a great taste to it which isn’t overly power and does linger around, which is nice. While I do like various flavours, I’ve long been a fan of the more standard energy drink taste and Hyper have not let me down.



Sugar Free

The sugar-free version isn’t too bad as far as sugar-free drinks go. Sugar-free is not my personal favourite but this one was alright and didn’t have an excessive sugar-free taste to it. I was able to drink both cans the folks at Hype sent in.


Ice Berry Mix

This was my overall favourite! The Ice Berry mix was great and had a very nice berry flavour to it. I am a huge fan of fruity drinks and this one really hits the spot and would have to be the number 1 flavour I would recommend from Hype. If you come across this in the shops, and like fruity drinks, do yourself a favour and pick one up!



This one is perfect most any time, but especially on a hot summers day. The Mojito flavour captures the essence of lime and mint perfectly while offering the added benefits from being an energy drink. I can also highly recommend this one.

Overall, I was quite pleased with all of the drinks Hype had sent in. One thing I found pretty cool that I didn’t get to check out, was if you head to their site, they actually have a Cocktails sections. These recipes do feature alcohol so are definitely for adults only, but if you’re looking to add a bit of fun to things, it is definitely worth a look. I am hoping in the future to be able to try a couple of their recipes out and see just how well they do Energy Cocktails!

Massive thanks to Hype for sending some of their Energy Drinks in for me to taste! Please make sure to check them out and also make sure to check out the video below as I go into a bit more detail on the tastes and show off some of the incredible swag they also have to offer!

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