Team Group’s T-FORCE gaming series has been honored with many awards. This year, with a royal demeanor, the high end XTREEM memory from T-FORCE has even broken the world record for the highest overclocking frequency 5280MHz, and becomes the first memory ever to break the barrier of 5200MHz. After winning the 2017 COMPUTEX d&I Award, its extraordinary design has also awarded Japan’s Good Design Award which also known as the Oscar in the design industry. 

The T-FORCE XTREEM has won Japan’s Good Design Award which is equally famous as German’s Red Dot, iF and America’s IDEA. The origin of this award was the “Good Design Selection System” which created by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO). Established since 1957, right now it is the most historical and indicative design award in the international design industry. Only design award recipients are granted the use of the “G-Mark”. Founded over a half century ago and its influence has not diminished, “G-Mark has always been an indicator of a “good design”. Being awarded the Good Design Award, T-FORCE XTREEM not only proves its design is extraordinary, but it is also definitely a good design that is worthy of consumers’ treasure. 

Apart from the excellent performance, the Team Group design team had built a heat spreader with an all new exterior design concept for the T-FORCE XTREEM. The overclocking memory module with the highest specification is built by the top notch aluminum extrusion process and CNC machining. The unique trench design can increase the heat dissipation area to improve dissipation efficiency.

XTREEM combines simple and magnificent design with its top specification overclocking memory module. The clean, sleek lines are able to magnify its high-speed specification and also represent an excellent example of finest design from Taiwan. Since the launch of the T-FORCE series, not only its high speed with top specification has been adored by the global consumers, but its extraordinary design has also won awards and shine to the world.