The world’s leading memory brand, TEAMGOUP, has spared no effort in researching the latest technology in computer hardware storage. In Q1 of this year, we not only demonstrated our outstanding ability to lead the industry in DDR5 memory generation, but today we also announce a major technological breakthrough in storage products, including a UFD flash drive with read/write speed almost comparable to SATA III SSD, and the T-FORCE USB3.2 external SSD with 8TB capacity and a read/write sped of 2000MB/s.

The most common USB flash drives in the past used the USB2.0 specification, and the read/write speed is about 25/10 MB/s. TEAMGROUP’s USB drive has the latest technology and adopts USB3.2 Gen2 high-speed interface, and the actual transfer speed can reach about 600/500 MB/s, which is almost equal to the performance level of SATA III SSD, and the capacity is topped to 1TB. TEAMGOUP will accompany consumers to the new generation with our strength in technology. With TEAMGROUP’s compact USB drive, you can have the same performance as an external SSD that is the size of a sliced toast.

T-FORCE external SSD adopts the USB3.2 GEN2x2 interface and has the ultimate read/write speed of up to 2000 MB/s, demonstrating the fast, ruthless and accurate speed that this product emphasizes. The speed is almost twice as fast as the USB3.2 GEN2 interface used in mainstream external SSD, and according to the results of TEAMGROUP’s internal laboratory tests, the transfer time can be shortened to approximately 20 seconds [1] when transferring a single 10GB large file. It is designed to meet the needs of heavy game backup users and high-quality video creators and is expected to be released in the future with a maximum capacity of 8TB.

TEAMGROUP continues to devote itself to research and development in different types of storage products. Whether for developing a UFD flash drive with a size of only 14*33mm, or the T-FORCE USB3.2 GEN2x2 External SSD with 8TB capacity at only 1cm of thickness, TEAMGROUP represent the new trend of turning large-capacity storage into extremely lightweight, and continuing to make breakthroughs at lightning speed.

Note[1] : This shortened time is the result of 10GB virtual files tested in TEAMGROUP’s internal laboratory using native USB3.2 GEN2x2.