Twitter is undeniably one of the most popular social media platforms. However, the app has been undergoing some severe changes for the past couple of months. Twitter was recently acquired by Elon Musk, and he has been introducing multiple changes to the app. Not only does Twitter have a paid version, but a lot of new features have also been introduced with the paid version of Twitter. 

Another major change happened with the Twitter staff. According to ExpressVPN, Elon Musk has laid off a huge chunk of Twitter employees. As of right now, the Twitter employee count is lower than it was in 2012. Musk also introduced a new verification feature called Twitter Blue after he took over the app. It allows users to get a blue verification badge by subscribing to the paid service. Some changes Musk had made to Twitter garnered mixed reactions from people. So, let us take a look at the new features of Twitter and how Twitter Blue works.

The New Version Of Twitter

Twitter has been undergoing a lot of interesting changes. Even though some of the newer changes to the app are quite useful, it is also notable that not all changes are beneficial for the users of the app. Some of the changes to Twitter, like the removal of two-factor authentication for non-subscribers, are pretty questionable. However, there are a lot of exclusive features that are available to users of Twitter Blue for a monthly subscription. Let’s see all the exclusive features that Twitter Blue has to offer. 

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Changes Introduced To Twitter

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, multiple changes have been made to the app. Not only has Twitter introduced a new paid version of the app but a lot of Twitter employees were also fired from the company. Based on reports, Musk intends to reorganize the company personnel with new hires. 

First and foremost, the most important change to Twitter was introducing the previously mentioned subscription service. Twitter Blue allows users access to exclusive features for a monthly subscription fee. Now all Twitter Blue users can access a blue verification badge for their account, no matter the number of followers they have. 

Similarly, all government officials and institutions will get a silver badge, and all brands and businesses will get a gold badge to separate them from other personal accounts. This is an excellent way for businesses to use the platform’s new feature for advertising purposes.

Some other features of Twitter Blue are that users can upload content in longer formats. It allows users to post tweets of up to 4000 characters and upload hour-long videos. Also, users can customize their color theme and icon for Twitter, edit posted tweets, and use NFTs as their profile pictures if they want to.

Twitter has also changed the two-factor authentication feature for users. All users not subscribed to Twitter Blue will no longer be able to access two-factor authentication for their accounts. Removing authentication features from Twitter can be a damaging step for normal Twitter users, and It is given that some are not happy with this decision. 

Another big change on the platform since Musk took over is introducing a new appeal process for suspended accounts. A lot of Twitter accounts that were previously banned due to a breach in Twitter policies have been reinstated by Elon Musk. Some of these accounts are that of well-known personalities like Drake, Donald Trump, and Andrew Tate.

We are yet to see what more changes Twitter will face in the upcoming days. But based on the current situation, there is a chance that most of Twitter’s features will be transferred to Twitter Blue. 


Many newer changes have been introduced to Twitter after Elon Musk took over the app in October 2022. It can not be denied that the newer features of Twitter Blue can be useful to users. However, it is also notable that some of the previous features, like the verification badge for influencers and celebrities, are now available with Twitter Blue for all accounts. Some people are still on the fence about these features and are still unsure whether these features are worth the price. Everyone is waiting for Twitter Blue to roll out new features so that they can decide for themselves whether they want to access Twitter Blue or not.