A resume is an essential tool when you are hunting for a job as it offers a page that highlights your best relevant skills and attributes. Employers and recruiters use the resume to make the correct hiring choices, and it will also help you to secure the first interview when you submit the job application. If you are engaged in the job search, you can, without a doubt, benefit from reviewing the resume’s layout and the content you add to it. In this post, we will let you know the importance of a resume and offer practical tips to help you craft the best resume.

Importance Of Resumes

Most people ask why a resume is important. It is generally needed for moving further in the interview process in a competitive market. The best and most excellent resume will show the companies why a candidate is good for the company. Following are some of the top reasons why a resume is beneficial when looking for a job.

List Your Skills and Experience

To potential employers, a well-structured resume will display your appealing skills and expertise, so it is essential to ensure that your resume shows your recent skills and experience. You can also use colors, designs, and suitable margins effectively to ensure you display all the relevant work experience that shows your achievements.

Shows The Benefits You Bring In To A Company

A resume sends a message to a company about what you can do that contributes to the company’s success by adding your skills and expertise. Employers are more inclined to quantify the value you will contribute to the company when you offer tangible performance metrics. Adding 2-3 achievements under the work instance will make it easier for the hiring managers to understand and comprehend your abilities as a good candidate.

Attracts Potential Employers

One of the top benefits of the resume is the section that a reader sees first. In addition to the contact information and name, ensure to offer vital which summarises the information above the first. With the help of the layout, which allows suitable colors or images, you can attract the attention of potential employers. To introduce yourself to potential employers, add a headshot photo or the personal logo you go by. To print the resume, ensure to print it on a paper stock of good quality and durability. You can choose several alternatives while keeping the industry standards in mind.

Matches You To The Needed Job Role

A good and well-written resume will align the talents with the company’s needs. You can do this by ensuring that your CV has the same keywords as the job description. For instance, if the job description wants a JAVA expert, add JAVA to the resume. Recruiters are more likely to filter resumes based on the keywords. Some companies use automated tools to filter out the resume with keywords.

Increase The Chances Of An Interview

Although a CV will not ensure a job, it will undoubtedly enhance the chances of securing the interview. A solid resume will allow you to move to the advanced stages of the recruitment process. Generally, the interview determines whether the employer will hire or consider you for the job role.

How To Write Good Resume

  • Use Professional Fonts: Before writing the resume, consider the font you will use. Simple and clean fonts will work best for resumes. Some of the best resumes are Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Calibri, and Roman. While you may want your resume to stand out, you don’t want it to look like a magazine. Use a font size between 10-12 since it is an accepted standard for A4 papers.
  • Add Relevant Information: it will be beneficial to make the resume as concise as possible. Format it to fit on the page and not go above three pages.  
  • Add Important Contents Only: While there may be several methods to structure your resume, it is best to focus more on the trait that makes you look like the best candidate for the position. List your key skills and traits to illustrate them efficiently and stand out from other candidates. 


These are some important tips for having a great resume at your disposal. A good resume will make you stand out from the crowd while enhancing the chances of going into the interview. Proofread your resume and check all the spelling before sending it out your resume.