The first (primitive) slot machine was invented in 1891 in New York. Since then, slots have been further computerized for the modern age, ensuring easy play from home.

What really happens when you crank the lever and the wheels spin round and round? The technology behind slots is fascinating and worth a closer look. We zoom in on online slots and how the technology works to encourage enjoyable and fair gameplay.

The different elements

There are three core elements that make up online slots. These aren’t exhaustive but help in understanding how the complex technology of slots operates.

1. Mathematics

All slots use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that the game is fair. This is where the math comes in.

Good examples are Genie Jackpots and Follow the Honey at the online casino at Paddy Power Games, which show how RNGs are used in combination with flashy graphics. These examples reveal just how RNGs, code, and images are used together to create the perfect game, as we will see below.

These three elements are vital to ensure the playability and fairness of online slots.

When it comes to RNGs, the numbers range from 0 to about 4 billion. The number is then translated into a slots combination. This combination dictates whether or not the player has won, and how much.

2. Development

Developers use coding to create online games. This can be done in a variety of languages, such as JavaScript and C++. This is usually outsourced to another organisation with more expertise.

There are only a few large organisations that provide these services, and they work with a large number of gambling companies to create their software for them. The coding dictates how the game operates as well as the design elements. It therefore hits two birds with one stone, and needs to be succinct yet impactful.

As coding becomes more sophisticated, developers are involving different technology to visualize slots before they are designed, and show these to gambling companies beforehand.

3. Design

Speaking of design, this is a large part of online slot machines. They need to be attractive to the player, to encourage them to join in the fun. The design is usually masterminded by the in-house design team at the slots company, who work with the coders to bring the vision to life. This will include image files and choice of font, both of which are embedded into the code.

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User experience plays a part in design as well, and a cookie-based analysis, as well as data collection, ensure that the game is optimized for the intended audience.

How the technology comes together

All these three seemingly distinct elements come together to create a dynamic experience that keeps players entertained. The computerization of slots has ensured the longevity of gambling. Slots have been in demand ever since their conception, but online play has only served to prolong their appeal and extend them to a wider audience.