Next week, in addition to the recently introduced CoolForce 2 Rev. B, the second model of our CoolForce case series, the new CoolForce 1, will become available in Europe. The CoolForce 1 features a spacious interior that offers unexpectedly much space for high-end hardware and water cooling systems, despite relatively compact dimensions.

Many of the improvements we implemented due to customer feedback have been included in the new CoolForce 1 as well. For example, the case also features a split front design with a separate I/O panel to ensure that the dust filter and the front fan can be accessed without much effort.

The I/O-panel is the same as that of the CoolForce 2 Rev. B, featuring a True USB 3.1 Type C, two USB 3.0, as well as HD audio connectors and a 3-step fan control. The LED On/Off button for the two pre-installed Rigid LED bars in the front is located in the I/O-panel, as well as the Power- and Reset-Button.

One of the main features of the CoolForce 1 are the fully modular, decoupled “Easy-Mount HDD-Sleds”. These hard disk trays can be equipped either with a 2.5 inch or a 3.5 inch HDD/SSD. Users can remove them separately, if desired, to allow the installation of long VGA cards or thick front-radiators.

The case has been designed for water cooling enthusiasts. The top allows the installation of 120, 240 or 360 mm radiators, while 120/240 or 140/280 mm water cooling solutions can be mounted behind the front panel.

At the top of the case, 65 mm space are available between the upper edge of the motherboard and the top cover. Due to the laterally offset mounting holes and the modular ODD cage it is easily possible to install big radiators in the top.

When using the HDD-sleds, compact water cooling solutions with slim radiators can be mounted behind the front cover. By removing the HDD-sleds, it is easily possible to install very thick radiators in a push/pull setup. To allow users the installation of 3.5 inch hard disks, we included a mounting rail for our separately available HDD-cages at the bottom of the case.

The variable cooling system of the CoolForce 1 with three installed fans (2 x 140 mm in the front, 1 x 120 mm in the rear) can be upgraded with additional 120/140 mm fans in the top (max. 3 x), and the bottom (max. 1 x).

Besides the aforementioned three “Easy Mount HDD sleds”, two dedicated 2.5 inch mounting options for SSD are available – one at the bottom of the case, another one at the rear of the motherboard tray. For the installation of optical drives, two tool-free bays are available.

The CoolForce 1 offers space for CPU coolers with a height of up to 160 mm. VGA cards with a length of up to 285 mm can be installed, when the HDD-sleds are all used. By removing one or more HDD-sleds, cards of up to 425 mm in length can be mounted. For the installation of a multi-GPU system, seven PCI expansion slots are available.

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The CoolForce 1 will be available in stores from next week, you can place your order now, for example with our German distributor PC-Cooling. The MSRP is 82.99€, including 19%VAT.

Due to the currently extremely unfavorable development of the dollar-euro exchange rate, we unfortunately see ourselves forced to increase the MSRP of the CoolForce 2 Rev. B from 84.99 Euro to 89.99 Euro We expressly regret this and thank you in advance for your understanding.

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