The streaming industry is booming globally, and there is no denying this fact. Australia is no exception and has also become more crowded in terms of streaming platform options over the years. 

However, as the streaming service keeps piling up, people are wondering, what does it all cost? Even if we look at each streaming platform separately, it does not seem too expensive, in contrast, when you bundle them up,  it gets very bad.

The five major streaming services available in Australia right now are Netflix, Disney+ Binge, Stan, and Amazon Prime Video. There is also Apple TV+ and you can also get Paramount Plus Australia.

Let’s get down to business and see how much each of these services costs in Australia and some of the ways you can save money. 

Streaming Services Pricing in Australia – An Overview

The variety of streaming platforms accessible in Australia is ridiculous, and to make things worse, it appears that each one has its worth. From Netflix and Paramount+ to Binge and more, each streaming platform has something different to offer. You can unsubscribe and rejoin anytime you want; however, for the purposes of these analyses, let’s suppose you’re a set-and-forget type of person.

We’ll also presume that you’re in the mid for providers with tiered membership choices.

Service Monthly Price
Netflix $16.99
Stan $16.00
Paramount+ $4.99
Binge $16.00
Amazon Prime Video $6.99
Apple TV+ $9.99
Disney+ $13.99
BritBox $8.99
Shudder $6.99
YouTube Premium $14.99
Spotify or Apple Music $11.99
Kayo $25.00

You’d have to spend about $147.83 per month simply for access to streaming platforms in Australia, not counting the internet connection required to keep them going. That works up to $1,774 per year only for streaming videos and music.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Streaming Plans

It’s difficult to bid farewell to streaming platforms; however, if you desire to save cash, this is a terrific place to start. Here are a few ways you can make the most out of your streaming plans:

Choose the Annual Plans

Several platforms offer the option of paying in advance for the entire year for a lower fee. It’s also a fantastic way to have the fee out of the bag ahead of time; consider it a commitment to your year’s enjoyment.

BritBox, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, and Shudder offer a 12-month subscription plan for the cost of ten. You’ll save about $70 annually for the same subscription if you combine these 4 discounts.

This reduces your yearly cost from $1,774 down to $1,697.

Downgrade to a Cheaper Tier with Fewer Privileges

Many services have a scaled subscription structure, so if you’re already on a medium or top tier, you might still lower your subscription and save money.

Stan, Netflix, and Paramount+ are all less expensive streaming services than the ones mentioned above. You might save $120 per year if you choose these ones instead.

When you add these saves to your year in advance, you’re reduced to $1,477 annually for streaming. It isn’t fantastic, but it’s better.

Get the Streaming Services with an Internet or Phone Package

We all have phones, and since you’re seeing this, you also have access to the internet. Are you aware that certain phone and internet plans include free or cheap streaming services?

If you’re looking for a new policy, it’s worth looking into how you may take a profit from these features.

Telstra, for example, provides three months of Binge gratis with any NBN subscription. That’s a $30 savings on your annual streaming cost.

Share Accounts

Let’s face it, all of us do this regularly. We’re all members of a streaming cartel in some sort. You might divide the bill with a bunch of friends, or perhaps one of you spends on Netflix and the other on Paramount+. It aids in reducing expenditures no matter how you divide them.

More or less all video streaming providers allow you to establish up to four separate accounts within one main profile, but music streaming services don’t. 

Even though you’re already paying full cost for Apple Music or Spotify (or, perhaps, savoring your free Tidal or MATE), you’re still more than a quarter-spent through the year.

Which is the Best Australian Streaming Platform?

The following are the famous streaming platforms in Australia:

  • YouTube Premium
  • Disney+
  • Stan
  • Paramount+
  • Apple TV+
  • Telstra Box Office
  • Fetch
  • Kayo
  • Foxtel
  • HayU
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix


Which streaming app you subscribe to or install will be determined by your streaming habits along with your income. With many services enabling several devices to watch streams at the same time, it also usually comes down to if you’re pooling your subscription with family and friends. 

You can also read about how you can select your streaming service according to family needs. With so many alternatives, it’s wise to investigate all of your choices and take advantage of those free services. Just to give you a head start, go for Paramount Plus because that’s a personal favourite with exceptional content.