There are hundreds of TV services out there, so it can take time to choose the right one for you and your family. Additionally, there are several factors you should consider before settling on a TV platform, such as price and ease of use. 

Ideally, you want a service that will keep your entire family entertained. Choosing the right TV plan will ensure you don’t waste money on a platform no one likes. To help you, we’ve provided more tips on how to choose the best TV service the whole family will enjoy.  

What are Everyone’s Favorite Shows? 

The first step to choosing the right TV service is finding out what everyone’s favorite shows are. Not everyone will have the same taste in films and TV series that you do. Your spouse may like talk shows, while your teenagers may love action-adventure films. 

Ask everyone to write down a list of the films and shows they love to watch. Use this list as a reference when you’re shopping around for a TV service provider. 

Do They Have Family Friendly Shows? 

There must be a selection of family-friendly shows that you can all watch together. So if you want to have a family movie night, there must be a movie that kids can watch, and the elderly won’t be offended by. 

Check if the TV service provides parental guides on their movies and TV shows. You’ll then be able to determine whether a show is appropriate for everyone to watch. Look for shows that have a U rating on them, as these films are suitable for all ages.  

Check Your Internet Speed Requirements? 

Many people are moving away from cable TV because you can only watch shows as they air. On the other hand, streaming services allow you to watch shows on demand. But streaming requires a strong internet connection. 

Low internet speeds and an inconsistent connection can impact your streaming quality. You may have a pixelated screen, or the movie will stop playing. When looking for a TV service provider, check the internet speed requirements. 

For example, Showmax states that for the best streaming experience, you need a download speed of 2 Mbps and a 4 Mbps internet connection. Other services, such as Netflix, will require a higher internet speed of 5 Mbps 

What is the Cost of the TV Service? 

Not all TV services cost the same. Some will be pricier compared to other sites. So you must choose a plan that’s within your budget. The most affordable TV streaming services include: 

  • Sling 
  • Philo 
  • Xumo 
  • Hulu 

The most expensive TV streaming platforms are Amazon Prime and Stack TV. However, these platforms have a wide variety of shows, movies, and documentaries that you can enjoy. 

It should be noted that streaming sites may have an annual price increase. So simply make sure you can afford to pay your account every month in the long run. 

Does it Allow Multiple Accounts?

If you have a big family, chances are not everyone will want to watch the same shows together. Sometimes the kids will want to watch cartoons while you and your spouse will want to watch a comedy. In this case, you’ll need a TV platform that allows you to create multiple accounts. 

On these accounts, people can watch different shows at the same time. For example, Netflix allows you to have up to 5 profiles on a single account. You can even access a TV account when you’re in a different location which is ideal if you travel a lot for work. However, you’ll have to pay extra per month for the additional profiles. 

Is it Easy to Navigate? 

You don’t want a TV platform to be difficult to use. Before you choose a streaming service, take a look at reviews from other users to find out if the platform is user-friendly. Most platforms are streamlined, but you may come across one with too many menus and popups that can be annoying. 

The platform should allow you to customize your settings and effortlessly read descriptions of the show you want to watch before you click on it. Lastly, the streaming service should have a mobile-friendly app with an intuitive interface. 

Use Free Trials to Make Your Decision 

If you’ve done plenty of research on all the TV services you like but are still not sure how to choose the best one, then consider using free trials. Each streaming platform will have a different duration on its free trials. Most of them offer a 30-day free trial. 

During the trial, determine how easy it is to use the platform. Check how many movies, series, and documentaries it offers and if shows are categorized properly. You can then make a decision if the TV service you want to use is the right one for you and your family. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to choose a TV service provider. But if you were struggling before, then perhaps this guide will help you. Use this article as a checklist when searching for a streaming service to keep you and your family entertained.