Have you ever wondered how large corporations manage to communicate with thousands of customers or clients and keep them happy? Even small companies struggle to keep up with customer emails to the point that they have to hire more staff just to answer messages. 

The reason why companies can help hundreds of customers at a time is through conversational email. Many business owners haven’t even heard of conversational email, let alone what its benefits are. To find out more about this type of business communication, keep reading. We explain what it is and how it can transform your company’s processes.   

What is Conversational Email? 

Conversational email utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to talk to customers or clients on a website. But this type of email chat shouldn’t be confused with the standard chatbot that answers simple questions. Conversational email uses natural language processes (NPL) and machine learning (ML) to understand basic human communication and how to respond to specific sentences accordingly. 

Therefore, if a chatbot has NPL and ML integrations, it can have intelligent conversations with anyone who engages with it. Your customers will then feel like they’re chatting with a real person.

Why Does Your Company Need Conversational Email?

Back in 2019, 86% of consumers stated that they prefer to speak to a real person as opposed to a bot. But now, consumers are slowly warming up to chatting with AI because their communication skills have advanced. With that being said, here are reasons why your company should adopt conversational email. 

Round-the-Clock Availability

We are living in an age of instant gratification. So consumers expect immediate assistance when they want to find out about a product they want to buy or a service they need. During emergencies, customers or clients may try to get information from your company after hours. 

If your customers don’t receive a response when they need it, they may turn to your competitors for what they want. To prevent that from happening, integrate conversational emails into your communication system so customers can experience round-the-clock availability. 

No matter what time of the day or night a customer sends a message, your intelligent bot will provide them with the right details to assist them.

Improved Customer Satisfaction, 

Most consumers live busy lives, so they don’t always have time for long discussions when they want information on products and services. Your goal is to make the communications process less of a burden for your customers

Conversational AI chats have the potential to improve customer satisfaction by: 

  • Sending information quicker 
  • Recommending the right products based on customer behavior 
  • Providing faster dispute resolutions 
  • Providing a personalized experience. 

With an intelligent chatbot, you can answer more than one customer at a time. Your customers won’t have to wait for someone to answer their messages because queues are non-existent. Lastly, most people prefer to receive responses via message instead of phone calls. So conversational emails help cater to customers who don’t like talking over the phone.     

Cost-Effective Email Solutions 

Hiring staff to respond to clients can cost you thousands of dollars. You’ll have extra overhead costs because you’ll have to pay more people. Additionally, manually responding to messages can lower productivity and negatively impact your bottom line. 

But with conversational AI emails, messages are sent to your customers automatically without the need for human interaction. So if your company receives high volumes of messages per day, you can respond to hundreds of messages at a time without the high cost of manual communications. 

What’s more, these AI chats are designed to answer repetitive questions that can take up your team’s valuable time. Employees can then spend their time completing important tasks while the AI chatbot answers your customers with relevant information.  

Fosters Better Engagement and Loyalty

Conversational email allows you to send emails with a more personal tone, making them feel less like marketing messages or automated sales pitches. When you communicate with customers via conversational email, you’re able to connect with them on a level that’s different from the impersonal nature of standard messaging. 

This type of messaging focuses on getting to know your customers rather than pushing products and services on them. Instead of sending emails that look like spam, these messages are written in a friendly tone and contain useful information to assist customers. They also include links to relevant pages on your site. As a result, you foster better engagement with your customers. Since you’re improving the customer satisfaction factor, visitors to your site may become loyal paying customers.

Final Thoughts

Conversational emails are meant to build relationships between businesses and customers. What’s more, by sending personalized messages, you can build trust with your customers. You can also provide immediate responses to questions and concerns. This allows you to resolve issues before they escalate. 

There are many other benefits you can experience when you implement conversational emails. You can save money by automating repetitive tasks like order processing and shipping. For instance, you can set up automated replies to customers asking for status updates. 

Use the information in this article to help you set up your AI conversational emails to improve your customer service!