The way that classic games with centuries of history have moved online is one of the most fascinating aspects of current technology. What tech is used to bring a game like roulette to life for online players?   

The Basics of Playing the Game

Roulette is a game that’s long been played in the same, simple way. A wheel that’s divided into numbered pockets is spun around and a ball is released onto it. Any player who correctly predicts the number the ball lands on wins.

Online games were first set up using a computer-generated wheel to replicate this on the screen, but the introduction of live games has meant that the traditional wheel is back.

The list of current online roulette games includes titles like Turbo Roulette, Lightning Roulette, and Immersive Roulette. While all these versions use the approach of a physical wheel being spun, they add features like random lightning strikes that add multipliers. Some live-dealer games also introduce augmented-reality elements to provide a mixed-reality experience.    

Live-Streaming Technology

As we’ve seen, it’s the introduction of live streaming that’s helped to take live roulette into the modern age while using a highly familiar setup. Games are typically offered with a selection of different views, which are obtained through the use of multiple cameras dotted around a themed studio.

Evolution is one of the leading makers of these games, and they confirm the use of HD cameras, 3D-rendered background graphics, and blue-screen technology.

A live chat function has been included in some live roulette games, with players able to interact with the dealer or with each other. All of this adds up to make the games a live interactive experience that can be streamed smoothly by players around the world.

Games are typically built around a specific theme, with some set in a studio designed like a luxurious casino while others have a sporting theme or an Art Deco design.

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What Technology Do Players Need?

The final part of this process involves the technology that players need to join these games. The good news is that there’s no need to use any special equipment to play roulette in this way. These live games can be streamed smoothly onto just about any type of device including smartphones.

The process of placing bets has been made as intuitive as possible, to enhance the feeling of being right there in a casino in front of the roulette wheel. This is done by dragging the size of chip you want to use across to the betting area and leaving it on the bet type you have in mind, with no need to use the latest keyboard models or game controllers to do this.

This means that roulette players can take part in the game at home with the smartphone or laptop of their choice. The technology needed to transmit the game is mainly used behind the scenes, so players get the feeling of being in a conventional casino setting and probably won’t even think about the technology used.