The Razor BlackWidow V4 is a mechanical keyboard that is made mainly for gaming. The keyboard is arguably one of the best choices in the market if your main goal is gaming. Razor released two different versions of this keyboard: the normal V4 one and the other V4 Pro, which is the better version. However, we will give you a review of BlackWidow V4 in this article.

Razor BlackWidow V4

Razor has a great lineup of BlackWidow keyboards in the tech industry, and the latest V4 managed to continue the legacy with even more hype. A few specialized macro keys on the left side of the board and a maximum polling rate/update rate of 8000Hz, which means it can transfer data to your computer eight times more frequently, are the models that stick out in the selection. Comparing the performance of this keyboard to several other gaming keyboards with a typical polling rate/update rate of 1000Hz, the greater update rate significantly ensures a slightly lower and more consistent latency performance.

razer blackwidow v4 hero desktop

The features mentioned above are not limited to the V4 as they are available in the V4 Pro too, but this particular version has several additional features. The ones that stand out are the additional RGB lights in the wrist rest, macro buttons on the left side, a command dial, and one more layer of sound-dampening.

Lightning Of Razor BlackWidow V4

This keyboard offers extra RGB lighting zones on either side of the keyboard casing in addition to the complete RGB illumination with individually lighted keys. Using the modification program, you may modify the lighting and effects, change the brightness settings, and more. As said before, the pro version has additional RGB lights, so in the wrist rest, you won’t find that in the normal one.

Regarding the backlight clarity, it’s astonishing. You can clearly see the keys on your keyboard in the dark.

Typing and Gaming

Well, as said before, the keyboard is mainly built for gaming, so it excels in that aspect. If you want a keyboard solely for gaming, then this keyboard might be a really good choice for you. However, the typing of this keyboard is not top-notch. It is good, though. There are several other keyboards available that feature better typing than Razor BlackWidow V4. It doesn’t mean that the typing quality of V4 is poor; it is good but not the best.

razer blackwidow v4 75 hot swappable design desktop

Keycaps are constructed from ABS plastic. They feature a better feel than the majority of other ABS keycaps with a little textured surface for better grip. Razor has also pre-lubricated the stabilizers on modifier keys and added a layer of sound-dampening foam. It provides a smoother typing experience as compared to earlier BlackWidow models from Razer. So, if you are looking for a keyboard that will give you above-average typing performance and top-notch gaming performance, then this is the one for you.

That being said, the Razor BlackWidow V4 performs exceptionally well in terms of typing noise. In comparison to prior versions in this range, it features a layer of sound-dampening foam within the casing, and the stabilizers are pre-lubricated by the manufacturer, which helps to lessen overall noise. Despite this, the spacebar has a distinct rattle that is quite common for gaming keyboards in this price range.

Pros And Cons

The pros of this keyboard are that it is a really great quality built as you can spend a long time without changing it. It has six macro keys, which can be useful to you if you don’t want additional. Even if you want additional macro keys, the pro version covers that for you. The keyboard also has two incline settings that can be adjusted according to your preference, and along with that, it also has a wrist rest, which is kind of important.

The last pro we think this keyboard has is the RPG lightning and the backlighting, as they both are phenomenal. This makes the keyboard totally worth getting. However, it does have one con. The con of Razor BlackWidow V4 is that it has ABS keys. The ABS keys are good; they are better than average, but their quality isn’t as high as PBT keys.


Razor BlackWidow V4 and V4 Pro are arguably both great releases in the series. The Blackwidow series is still relevant, thanks to these great keyboards from Razor. You can buy any one of the aforementioned versions you would like based on your preference. The pro one has several more features.

The keyboard gives an above-average typing experience, so if you want a keyboard solely for typing, we wouldn’t recommend you buy the V4. However, if you just want to do gaming, then it is one of the best options you have.