eSports recently have hit major milestones with the success of games and tournaments such as Dota 2 (TI5) and Counter Strike:GO (ESL). You can now add another milestone to the eSports list as we announce the Xsolla eSports Academy, an intuitive platform for video game coaching and video on demand (VOD) subscriptions.

For Coaches

We welcome you to register as a coach and start filling out your online coaching profile. A few of the benefits our platform provides for eSports coaches include:

  • Personalize your coach card for everyone to see
  • Let your students know when you’re available on your Sessions Calendar
  • Upload quality videos, tips, tricks, and VODs, for your students to access on a monthly subscriber basis
  • Reach your avid followers by linking your Twitch, Facebook, and other social media accounts to your profile
  • Port your most valued rank and achievements by connecting your Steam,, and other game accounts
  • Become accepted into a School and represent them as a coach
  • And much more!

For Students

Xsolla eSports Academy will soon be accepting student enrollments! Look out for Xsolla eSports Academy buttons in the social profiles of your favorite coaches, sign up and book sessions! Spread the word about Xsolla eSports Academy in the eSports community to help us grow!

Be proactive! Our platform is the perfect place for you to transcend your current level of competitive gameplay. Learn from the best and be better than the rest!

When you aren’t taking a lesson from a coach, subscribe to them for exclusive access to their VOD, Tips, and Tricks video archive.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing many exciting developments for the Xsolla eSports Academy coaches and students. Contests featuring CS:GO Stattrak Knives, Dota 2 giveaways, and featured Xsolla eSports Academy coaches will be arriving soon so make sure to check back on our social networks and on the Academy!

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