In Melbourne, Australia, the motion picture and video production industry has seen a growth of around 11.3%. This contributes to the growing popularity of visual mediums for conveying a business message. They say that a picture is worth ten thousand words, and this is true. Since visual messages quickly grab attention and deliver on the promise of building trust and brand promotion.

However, only good quality videos get the traction it deserves, and to shoot an outstanding video; you need the help of a professional videographer. A trusted videographer can bring your events to life and turn them into something that brings people close to you and your business. 

So, how to choose one that you can count on? To know the best way to choose a videographer in Melbourne, you should go through these six points.

  • What Will You Be Filming?

The number of business events in Melbourne is ever-growing. You can relate this to the fact that Australia’s event industry is a massive contributor to the Australian economy. It employs an estimated 229,000 people delivering $11.1 billion in wages. Event videography can help you capture the moments and spread them to a broader audience. 

There are plenty of reasons for wanting videography. Maybe you’re planning an event that requires video documentation, or perhaps it’s part of your marketing strategy. Whatever your reason, it’s essential to have some idea of what will be filmed. Will you be filming talking heads? B-roll? Interviews? If you don’t know what you need, choosing a videographer might be a little tricky.

  • Prefer Quality Over Price

By 2021, revenue in the video-on-demand segment is projected to reach $1,215 million. It alludes to the changing pattern of information consumption by people. This means a great video can be decisive in bringing people’s attention. Melbourne is becoming the hub when it comes to video production. For years, talented and creative Melbourne-based film directors have been changing the way videos are conceptualised and masterminding the script and the video.

It’s why several top-rated video-producing agencies can offer you customised video production solutions based on your unique needs. Although hiring experienced and highly professional producers can be an expensive deal, it’s worth the investment. As stated above, quality videos get greater engagement. So, do always prefer quality over price.

  • Do They Know What Clients Want?

If you can’t seem to shake an insistent salesperson, you might want to think twice about hiring that person as your videographer. Like any other service provider, a good videographer will be receptive and responsive when working with clients. 

Investigate their website and social media platforms for testimonials from past customers who have been happy with their work. If there are no reviews or comments, ask for references from past clients and call them up. This is probably the best way to choose a videographer in Melbourne.

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  • Will You Be Filming Indoors Or Outdoors?

Because your location will significantly impact what type of film you’ll be producing, it’s essential to consider where you’ll be shooting before meeting with potential video professionals. Most professional Melbourne videographers have experience filming both indoor and outdoor settings. 

However, if you know that you’ll need to use artificial lighting, it may make sense to only look for professional videographers familiar with filming in those kinds of situations.

  • What Is Their Style Of Video Production?

Make sure you get a sense of what production style you’re getting before booking your videographer.

  • Are they artsy?
  • Are they infomercial producers?

 You’ll want to make sure that their style matches up with your vision for your day. If not, then it could end up being very unprofessional and awkward.

  • How Long Do You Want Your Video?

The crucial factor to consider is how long you want your video to be. There are the following options:

  • Short: 3060 seconds
  • Long: 90120 seconds
  • Longer than 2 mins

Although consumers tend to gravitate toward videos between 60 and 90 seconds, there’s no hard rule.

 The Bottom Line

Pricing for videography is all over the map, and it’s difficult to get pricing information from different companies. You can get price estimates from five or six vendors you like and do some research on their websites or Facebook pages.