According to data, Melbourne is the film going capital of Australia, with Sydney occupying second place. The city boasts captivating natural scenery and an impressive variety of architectural structures. It also has a vibrant cultural scene since it has been a meeting point for several cultures. Victorian-era buildings sit next to the skyscrapers, offering a curious mix of the old and the new. Unsurprisingly, several video production companies such as Monster & Bear always strive to deliver top-quality corporate, web and animation videos. Even a little video running to a few minutes requires detailed research, planning, shooting, production and a post-production, with the tiniest detail deserving the utmost attention if the video provides the intended results. So, what are some facts involved in the video production process?

What Is a Video Production?

Video productions refer to producing a video for specific purposes, from corporate brand films to promotional videos. Companies specialising in film production create audiovisual advertisements, social media, music and educational videos, and narrative movies directed towards a target audience. Even though the methods may be similar between a film and a video production, they have some differences. For example, while filmmakers use the film to record the visuals, digital companies use a tape or memory card for capturing the visuals. They also differ in the crew size, location, length of the script, and the process involved. However, some digital companies in Melbourne prefer calling themselves film companies because they believe both videos and films involve the narration of stories. 

What Is the Cost of Video Production in Melbourne?

As a rough estimate, you might have to pay between 80 AUD$ to 180 AUD$ per hour, depending on your objectives. If you decide to hire a professional voice over, it would cost you between 150 AUD$ to 500 AUD$ for three minutes. Professional actors in Melbourne usually charge between 40 AUD$ to 600 AUD$ per hour, with the costs being significantly higher if they are a recognised face or a celebrity.

Steps Involved in the Video Production Process

Most of the successful companies in Melbourne require between four to five steps to create a video. The steps involve the concept, logistics, production, post-production, and delivery, and each plays an essential role in the final result. 

  • Concept and design

The concept is the first part of the video-making process and involves a mockup generation, pitch drafting, submission, storyboarding, scriptwriting and copy generation. 

  • Logistics

Logistics refers to the steps involving casting, crew sourcing, production design, searching for an appropriate location, scheduling the time for the shoot, construction of the set and rigging. Even though most companies in Melbourne use their studios for the videos, they might have to use outdoor locations in some cases. Some of the most famous places in Melbourne that are a favourite among the filmmakers or the video producers are Royal Botanic Gardens, Queen Victoria Market, The State Library, Yarra Park and St. Kilda Pier.

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  • Production 

The production step occupies the utmost importance since the video finally takes shape. Direction, cinematography, art direction, lighting and grip, costume, hair and makeup, and unit management are some of its steps. 

  • Post-production

Companies follow the production by post-production, including editing, visual effects, colour grading, digital illustration, motion graphics, and sound design. Companies do it to remove any shortcomings in the video and ensure it is polished.

  • Delivery

Delivery is the final process of video production, where the company takes care of things such as rendering, CAD approval, couriers, custom file exports and cloud transfers. According to Australia’s broadcasting rules and regulations, all infomercials and TVF in the country, including Melbourne, require a CAD classification number before the government allows them to feature on television.  

These are some things that you must know about the video production process in Melbourne. You have to choose reputed video production companies such as Monster & Bear to get your work properly done. A well-crafted and designed video effectively sends the message you want, engaging the audience sufficiently and helping you achieve your objectives.