Are you considering playing roulette online? The birth of online casinos has made it possible for people worldwide to enjoy their favorite games like roulette online.

Roulette is among the top, if not the first, online casino games many enjoy. This is thanks to its simplicity and element of chance. The following is the technology used behind online roulette, which makes the game entertaining for every player. 

Random Number Generator

You don’t have to worry about fairness when you play online roulette because they utilize RNG or random number generator, an algorithm programmed to ensure that the numbers are randomly picked. It’s a generator that ensures no foul play or bias when players play the game. It’s a complicated replication mechanism miming the system you see in a brick-and-mortar casino. 

In a land-based casino, there isn’t a random generator, and when the dealer throws the ball, factors like win, position, and wheel speed have an impact. Online roulette replicates the unpredictability of land-based casinos, so the number is random. RNG requires regular updates and audits, ensuring the system works at its full capacity without tampering. 

OCR Software

OCR or Optical character recognition software is used in numerous areas like data processing industries, not just online casinos. Like its name, this software tracks symbols on the cards, the roulette wheel’s numbers, etc. 

In live roulette, as the name suggests, you would play it live with a live dealer. The OCR Software uses the live camera to follow the action on the table and what’s happening live. It then processes what’s happening in the live feed, quickly delivers results, and enhances your gaming experience. 


One of the most significant concerns of online gamblers is their security. Don’t fret because most, if not all, registered online casinos use the following:

  • End-to-end encryption – It creates unbreakable codes that only those intended to decode it can. 
  • Encryption software – Since you will be inputting your personal and sensitive information on the website, casinos utilize this software to ensure that other people don’t have to assess your financial transactions and sensitive information when playing online roulette.
  • 2-step verification – If you’ve noticed, many social media websites use a 2-step verification to protect your information and social media use, like Facebook. Online casinos also utilize this as an additional security layer to your credentials. 

Studio Monitor

Do you plan on joining a live dealer roulette game? If so, then you may prefer a two-way interaction when playing roulette. Thankfully, there are chat boxes that you can utilize to communicate with your real-life dealer. 

Don’t fret because they utilize microphones that can communicate with other players. This way, the dealer can accommodate each player asking for their service without stopping the game from replying to the chat. Thanks to modern technology, you can easily speak with your dealer. 

Game Control Unit 

Compared to the dealer’s monitor, which only shows minimal information about the gamblers, e.g., how many are playing and their nicknames and communication between gamblers. 

The game control unit (GCU) controls the online roulette’s live broadcast. It’s a crucial part of online roulette setup. It helps prevent mistakes, especially when a game has a high load of players.

A GCU encodes the broadcast and sends it to your desktop or mobile screen. It allows players in different parts of the world to enjoy the game in real-time online. They can watch a real-life dealer, the ball, and the wheel when it spins. It’s similar to land-based casinos.

Online Roulette Bonuses

Online casinos utilize roulette bonuses to ensure customers are excited to play the game. These casinos have the luxury of offering their gamblers more great opportunities since they have lower overheads. As a result, they can give a welcome bonus, loyalty bonus, etc., to their customers. 

These roulette bonuses are given at random and at the same time. You’ll just be notified that you have these bonuses and rewards that you can use anytime. Just follow each bonus’s terms and conditions to take advantage of the rewards.

Final Thoughts

Are you concerned about online casino fairness? Don’t fret because there’s a reason for roulette’s online presence. Developers have made each game fair and purely up to chance. As evident above, casinos use RNG, OCR Software, and game control unit and improve their security consistently to provide the best experience for their players.  

Furthermore, online roulette utilizes live games, ensuring that gamblers who want to get a taste of what land-based casino gaming is like are satisfied. You can watch the dealer throw the ball and deal cards thanks to the live feed when playing online roulette. 

Also, you just need a fast internet connection and focus on the dealer. You can even interact with other players and the dealer if you want to socialize; if not, there are great options!