If there is one thing we know we need from our internet connection, it’s speed. Whether you are scrolling through your Instagram feed, posting your theories on Reddit, viewing YouTube videos, or working from home, a speedy internet connection is necessary to help you perform your task. But how do you tell what internet speed is enough for you?

You could search the web for ‘cheap internet near me’ and get all the answers. But it’s better to do a bit of reading and understand the technical lingo to find an affordable yet speedy connection. So we provide expert opinion in this guide to help you out.

What exactly is internet speed?

The speed of your internet connection is based on the volume of data packets that are transmitted through the network in a specific amount of time.

Let us simplify this. Your devices transfer data to and from the internet in the form of electronic packets. This electronic packet is just a piece of data. So, everything you see on the internet is received by your computer’s connection in the form of these packets. Similarly, everything you upload or send through the connection is also transferred in the form of these packets.

Why is internet speed important?

Your internet connection’s speed uses up a lot of data. When you respond to zoom calls or play online games, many packets of data are required to help perform these functions smoothly. A slow internet connection can help you perform these functions too, but you can expect delays in your conference calls and delays in your games.

Nobody wants a slow internet connection anymore. As the world becomes more reliant on the internet connection’s convenience, a faster connection will become increasingly necessary to every user.

Upload vs Download Speeds

Your internet connection can be separated into two different speeds: download and upload speeds.

The download speed is the speed at which data travels from the internet to the internet-enabled device. Every time you open up your Instagram app, the images that you can view are downloaded from the internet. The faster the download speed, the quicker the images will load.

The upload speed is the speed at which the data travels from your device to the internet via the internet connection. When you upload an image to your Instagram profile, the time it takes to upload is determined by your internet connection’s upload speed.

In most cases, the download speed is a lot faster than the upload speed. This is because most users tend to download more content than they upload. However, upload speeds are very important when you are making conference calls, playing online games, or uploading large files online.

What is Bandwidth?

If you are searching for an internet package online, chances are you have come across this term. In many cases, internet speed is also referred to as bandwidth. However, there is a difference between the two terms. The internet speed is the rate at which data is transferred to and from the internet. The bandwidth is the capacity of your internet connection. If your bandwidth is 10Mbps, this is the maximum speed that your connection offers when it’s working at the maximum capacity.

There are a lot of factors that can prevent your internet connection from operating at its full bandwidth. Also, in most cases, the internet connection will always work up to that speed and not at the maximum speed at all times.

What is Broadband?

Internet connections have improved greatly over the past few decades. Broadband connections are quicker than dial-up and are always on. They allows users to transmit and receive data at the same time. According to the Federal Communications Commission, a connection can be identified as broadband if it offers a minimum download speed of 25Mbps and an upload speed of 3Mbps.

Different types of internet connections

Internet connections can be provided to you through different techniques. The technique also affects the speed of your internet. Below we will detail five of the most common internet connections offered in the USA.


A dial-up connection is the slowest connection on the list and doesn’t support broadband. It offers only limited bandwidth to the users. Dial-up connections are almost obsolete but are still offered in remote areas where broadband connections are not available.


The USA can offer satellite connections to various areas as its wireless. The receiver connects to the user with the aid of wires. Satellite connections are slow because your satellite transmits the information to the one orbiting Earth. It then sends this information back to your satellite, which is why the connection takes a long time.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL is another type of wired connection that offers broadband connections to the users. It looks similar to a phone line connection but is much faster than a dial-up connection. Most telephone companies offer this connection in the areas where they offer coverage.


Cable internet provides an internet connection by using the same wires that offer TV services. This connection is broadband and can reach great speeds.

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Fiber connections are the fastest option available in the market. This connection offers high-speed internet with the help of fiber-optic cables. These fibers are made of glass or plastic and are as thick as a single strand of hair. The data travels at 70% of the light of speed inside the wires! However, this connection is not available in remote areas. To check if your area is covered, you can contact your Internet Service Provider.

How much internet speed do you need?

If you have made it this far, you know a bit more about internet connection speeds. But, how do you know what speed is enough for you? Every household has different needs, depending on the people in the house, their specific needs, and the number of internet-enabled devices.

You can read on to understand the functions that different speeds can perform optimally.

0–5 Mbps

An internet connection with a speed of up to 5Mbps allows you to check your emails, stream music on a single device, and browse the internet.

5–40 Mbps

Internet speeds up to 40Mbps can allow you to stream videos on one device, conduct online conferences on Zoom or Skype, and play games online.

40–100 Mbps

A connection of up to 100Mbps allows multiple users to stream videos online, download large files, and let users participate in multiplayer games.

100–500 Mbps

A connection of up to 500Mbps allows users to stream UHD videos on multiple devices, download large files quickly and let multiple players play games online.

500–1,000+ Mbps

An internet connection with a speed of 1000Mbps is very fast. You can use it in a household for almost any purpose without any difficulties.

What Have You Learned?

Now that you understand the speed that you need, you can browse through the various packages offered by numerous internet service providers. By visiting BuyTVInternetPhone, you can find a suitable and affordable package that should fit your needs.