FREMONT, CA –August 8th 2016 – CORSAIR®, a leader in high-performance gaming hardware, today announced that its entire range of VOID gaming headsets have achieved full certification from Discord, a leading voice and text chat application for gamers. With Discord certification, CORSAIR VOID owners can play with the confidence that their headset’s microphone and audio have been tested and evaluated to the highest of standards ensuring clear communication and great sound whatever game they play.

Discord, one of the fastest growing communication programs, offers gamers an all-in-one, high-quality voice and chat experience. Where other gaming communication programs have gone unchanged for years, Discord constantly offers new content and updates based on what users want. Discord works on desktop and phone and is completely free.

Getting the best out of Discord needs audio hardware that’s up to the task, and that’s where Discord certification comes in. It’s a comprehensive array of tests and evaluations that ensures gaming headsets not only work flawlessly with Discord, but also a wide range of the most popular PC games played today. Headsets are analyzed using studio level equipment to test both microphone and audio quality, with extreme tolerances for crackle, static and pops that might degrade the auditory experience. Headsets must also pass a rigorous comfort and compatibility play test in a wide array of today’s most popular games, from Triple A to Indie. Discord’s testers aren’t just technicians, but former professional gamers with years of experience who value quality, comfort and durability.

“Our certification program was designed to ensure that top gaming hardware sounds amazing on Discord,” said Eros Resmini, CMO, Discord. “We’re happy to certify that the CORSAIR VOID headsets will deliver a great experience for Discord gamers.

CORSAIR is delighted to announce that its complete range of award-winning VOID headsets, including VOID RGB Wireless, VOID RGB USB, VOID Surround and VOID Stereo have successfully been certified by Discord. Combining legendary microfiber comfort, uncompromising aluminum build quality and superior audio, the entire VOID range offers gamers the audio experience their favorite titles deserve. With Discord certification, gamers can be confident that whichever VOID headset they choose they’ll experience great audio, comfort and microphone clarity.

We jumped at the opportunity for our VOID headsets to be independently tested and certified by the team at Discord,” said Andrew Ware, Senior Director for Gaming Peripherals at CORSAIR. “With 11 Million registered users, Discord is becoming an essential part of PC gaming and we’re delighted to have every CORSAIR VOID headset Discord certified and ready for action.”


The full range of Discord certified CORSAIR VOID headsets are available immediately from the CORSAIR worldwide network of approved retailers and distributors.

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