Leading memory provider TEAMGROUP today announced that all of its industrial storage products have passed military standards testing for shock and vibration resistance. The company’s unique graphene-coated copper heatsink was also awarded a U.S. utility patent and is the world’s first heat sink to be used for industrial SSDs. In response to the growing Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and edge computing trends, TEAMGROUP continues to improve the durability, reliability, and safety of its industrial products, striving to create innovative solutions in the field of industrial control.

TEAMGROUP’s industrial product series, including industrial memory modules, SSDs and memory cards, have all been tested and certified to meet military shock (MIL-STD-202G and MIL-STD-883K) and vibration (MIL-STD-810G) standards. Whether focused on edge computing or 5G related applications, these products are guaranteed to handle high-speed data processing and computing for long periods of continuous operation. TEAMGROUP has once again proven the stability and durability of its industrial products, which meet the demanding needs for data security and industrial control in extreme conditions.

The company constantly develops innovative technologies that are integrated with products from different fields and possess many proprietary technologies, among which have won recognition and attention from various sectors: its patented aluminum fin cooling technology (Taiwan Utility Model Patent M541645) and ultra-thin graphene cooling technology (Taiwan Invention Patent I703921; Chinese Utility Model Patent CN 211019739 U). The latter, which has already received several patents, has been awarded a new U.S. utility patent (US 11,051,392 B2) and will be used in future industrial wide temperature memory modules and industrial wide temperature PCIe and SATA SSDs to deliver higher performance and stability for its durability-focused industrial control products.