Once upon a time, I used a mobile phone that didn’t even have the internet, and now the technology that fits in our pockets is almost as powerful as the computers that we use.

I was browsing my news feed and came across a real-time infographic made by AppInstititute. It showcases some really cool facts about the most downloaded apps and other things that anyone with a mobile will find interesting.

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Here are a few bite-sized facts for what happens each minute on mobiles:
– $47,023 Google Ads revenue worldwide in USD coming from mobile
– 59,932 Apps downloaded from the app store
– $131,849 Mobile PayPal payments
– 1,000,000 Tinder swipes

It does have to be said. Isn’t it a little terrifying that with each passing minute there are 1,000,000 tinder swipes? I personally use my phone for almost everything (although I have a wife, so no Tinder for me). But it really showcases how connected we are through our phones, and this has really changed the tech industry.

Hopefully, the mobile world won’t take over completely because I still love reviewing my computer parts! Make sure to check out the real time stats on the Appinstitute page by CLICKING HERE.

What do you think about the stats that are found on this real-time infographic? Let us know in the comments below!