Look out aspiring YouTubers. Google is making it harder for users to monetize their videos. Announced today, YouTube will not even let channels with less than 10,000-lifetime views have access to monetization tools and options. If your channel reaches the required lifetime views, you still must be reviewed by YouTube itself in order to be approved and given access to Monetization.

This announcement comes at a pivotal time for YouTube. Google is currently combatting a boycott by hundreds of major brands that had discovered that their marketing ads were appearing next to and with offensive videos or videos with socially objective content. YouTube developers have stated that this new guideline is part of a larger plan to analyze and reduce scammers that abuse YouTube guidelines.

If you are a small, video-oriented business, the struggle just got bigger. Making money from YouTube isn’t easy, but streamers, vloggers, reviewers, and content creators need to work harder than ever to make money online.

Source: https://youtube-creators.googleblog.com/2017/04/introducing-expanded-youtube-partner.html