One of the significant advantages of sports trading is the variety of techniques and strategies applied in a football game. Most of them don’t even depend on the game’s outcome to win money, which is a great way to nullify the luck factor in your sports betting.

At the same time, this universe may seem confusing for someone just starting in sports trading on the 22Bet site for bettors in Ghana. That’s why we’ve highlighted below some of the best strategies for betting. None of them guarantee a profit, but they are very interested in investing in the sports exchange and understanding how it works.

 The best betting strategies

Before getting into the strategies themselves, it is essential to emphasize that a system that generates profits for one person will not always work for another. There is a lot to evaluate, especially about emotional control. 

It is worth emphasizing that however safe a strategy may be, the result will not always be positive. Therefore, just as important as closing the profit position is accepting a loss and minimizing it. So the hit rate to be profitable doesn’t have to be that high.

Finally, of course, these are basic and simple strategies. It does not mean that they are the only ones or the most profitable. You can build on them and create many more suited to your profile.

Let’s look at some of the best strategies for betting and how they work.

 Scalping: profiting with low risk

Even if you’re new to the sports trading market, chances are you’ve already heard about scalping. This is a very traditional technique imported from the financial market, as it is widely used on the stock exchange.

The objective will be to look for temporary fluctuations in the odds within the market. The method quickly does Back/Lay or Lay/Back, profiting from the odds variations. Ideally, the strategy is applied in favor of time, increasing the market’s chance to go in the desired direction.

This is one of the best strategies for betting because it makes the risk very small. You’ll be able to choose specific moments in a game when the dangers are rare, to enter and profit.

Back favorite: betting on the best team in the match

Scalping has a very technical bias, focused much more on market analysis than on the game itself (although, of course, it’s recommended to follow both simultaneously). 

You will make a bet in favor of the best team, guaranteeing your profit if they score a goal. Despite being a good strategy, it requires care. The zebra appears in football much more than we imagine and, therefore, betting on any favorite will hardly bring good results.

You can watch a bit of the game in sports trading before placing your bet. Take this moment to assess the behavior of the teams. The favorite presses and seems to be close to scoring? Or does it leave room for the zebra’s counterattack? These are essential questions to decide.

LTD: working against the tie

The Draw (LTD) is far from one of the best betting strategies for profitability. However, it can still be a good way for beginners to test the sports trading market. It’s a straightforward technique to apply.

It works with a bet against a tie, closing the position as soon as a goal comes out. That’s because scoring a goal, at least generally, makes a draw less likely. As a result, the odds will need to go up, and as we are in Lay, this represents profit.

The match needs to be open and with offensive teams. After all, the goal will be necessary to obtain a profit. When applying this strategy, you should also pay attention to two aspects:

  • In favorite games, the goal must be the favorite. In the case of a zebra goal, a tie will be more likely. And, therefore, the odds do not change much.
  • You need to set a limit on losses. Going to the end of the LTD bet will require a very high hit rate. Set your stop-loss and use it over time.

Back tie: reversing LTD’s approach

Many punters complain about the results obtained—those with LTD. If you’ve already mastered the reasoning of how sports scholarships work, you know that if one side doesn’t bring good results, the money is getting on the other. How about reversing this approach and seeking to work in favor of a tie?

A pre-match tie-back usually brings a 30% return at half-time. Sure, it’s a high time exposure, but knowing how to choose games well can be interesting. Many matches are truncated and with defenses predominating against attacks. In this scenario, the chance of a goal is drastically reduced.

As mentioned above, following the game is essential. If you see that the game has warmed up, close the position and wait to cool down again. A nice point of working in favor of a tie is that the odds don’t go up so much if a goal is scored, minimizing the loss.

Lay the worst on the field: taking advantage of the rising odds of a dominated team

Finally, another of the best betting strategies is to be against the worst team in the game. In that case, we will favor time and with reduced risk. The worst team on the field will need to score a goal for you to lose. This will happen occasionally, but the usual thing is to concede a goal – leveraging the strategy’s profit.

The downside is the choice to work against the zebra. In this case, the odds are usually high, and therefore the more responsibility you will need to put into the game for a relatively low potential profit. On the other hand, the hit rate tends to be fairly high. This is a very safe and grand strategy for beginners.

Test the best betting strategies

As you have seen throughout this article, there is nothing fancy about sports trading. The big secret is in applying strategies and looking for suitable games and scenarios for each.

While the theory is simple, the best way to see what works (or doesn’t) for you is to try them out in your sports bag. Chances are, you’ll come up with creative ideas and find even better options for your style.