Professional players know that gambling is about personal skills and lady luck. This particular sport or form of entertainment is also concerned with different innovations. Precisely innovations behind gambling will determine how much money you’ll be able to get at the end of the day. Payment options here are an excellent example. Even if you get a massive jackpot, you might be asked to pay at least 10% of your winnings if you use the wrong payment option. No one wants to sacrifice the money they have earned. That is why we are here today. We will be talking more about available payment options for Canadian citizens. We will evaluate tech, advantages, disadvantages, and many other points for you to consider.

Advantages of Apple and Google Pay

It is quite obvious that one of the most popular payment options is Apple Pay. It is not only secure but highly accessible. Anyone who has an iOS-operated device has access to Apple Pay. Thus, the most accessible and top payment option is apple pay casino in Canada, available for all users who prefer iOS. It is rather simple and comfortable if you are unfamiliar with Apple Pay. You will simply put all your credit and debit card information into a special Apple software. Later on, you’ll be able to use any card you want during your checkout. The same applies to a good portion of different online casinos. However, if you don’t use an iPhone or iOS in general, there is a similar option for an Android. It is called Google pay, which works similarly but uses different software. It is not as popular, but still a highly successful and comfortable option.

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PayPal: Utilizing Digital Wallets

There are many other technological innovations that we can talk about. PayPal here definitely takes second place. It is almost as popular as Apple Pay and has a similar aesthetic. You can register and have a PayPal card. You can also put your personal information and use any other credit card. Using such a digital wallet is the best way to ensure that you are not sharing your personal information with the casino. No matter how secure online platforms are, it is still better to trust a highly evaluated digital wallet. Whether you want to use Apple Pay or PayPal doesn’t necessarily matter. You are still putting another barrier between you and everyone who would like to steal your identity. After all, digital wallets are still safer than any other platform you may find online.

Credit Card

There are quite a few old-fashioned tech methods you can still utilize. Among such methods is a credit card. You can still put your information directly into the casino website. If they follow all the rules and regulations, the chances of identity theft are insanely low. However, we still would recommend putting an extra level of protection and using a digital wallet. It will help you to minimize the transaction fees associated with credit cards. Besides, the majority of operations will take around five business days. Take all of those things into account. You’ll learn that a traditional digital wallet is a much better option than credit or debit cards.


The last option that we wanted to discuss is cryptocurrency. It is a highly profitable market. Even though it has ups and downs. From time to time, it is still successful. We can also add NFT to the same list. Even though cryptocurrency is unstable, if you know what you’re doing, it can double your profit. That is why many casinos actively use bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as their primary banking message. Some games are dedicated to bitcoin that don’t use any other currency. If you were wondering if there are any advantages apart from possibly increasing your profit, our answer would be positive. Apart from an increase in your profit, you will also get access to instant withdrawals. They will take around an hour or even less to be seen on your account. It is one of the most popular reasons, so many people enjoy crypto.

Bottom Line

In short, you have at least three different categories of payment options. We always recommend using a digital wall. It’s like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal. It is a good way to put an extra layer of protection and keep your personal information safe. However, you can use traditional credit cards or even risk a bit more and enjoy a cryptocurrency. Crypto usually goes hand-in-hand with instant withdrawals and extra bonuses.