Consoles and online casinos used to be worlds apart for a good reason. Video games took ages to go online, and their games could provide a very limited casino experience. For instance, only two players could compete simultaneously unless the console was a Nintendo64. Still, these games were of little interest for true casino lovers, who resort to computers or mobile devices for their gaming sessions. These days are long gone now. 

If you love online casinos and video games, we have some exciting news. 

A New Player

A console like the PlayStation 4 is very close to your average computer. Computers and PS4 are also comparable in price, longevity, and connectivity. Now that you can play video games online on top-notch smart TVs, the time is ripe for online casinos on an updated PS4

Alternative Arrangements

Alternatively, you can access for example and play via your favourite platform, straight from your TV. The PS4 isn’t the latest Sony console; the PS5 was released in 2020. Yet, the demand for the latest model has been so high that the company has not met it. So, Sony is putting more PS4 units on the shelves to cover this shortfall. If you’re after games specifically designed for your PS4, here are the hottest titles around.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Four Kings is considered one of the best titles of the kind for consoles. It was launched by Digital Leisure Inc. in 2015. This is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game that creates an incredibly immersive 3D experience. Players can customise a 3D avatar and “walk-around” the venue, choosing from a pretty varied list of games.

Four Kings’ gaming portfolio includes Texas Hold ’em poker, blackjack, bingo, keno, and roulette. It’s possible to socialise with other players during the games and even join VIP rooms. The game’s aesthetics are evocative of a certain Las Vegas vibe, where high rollers will also feel at home. 

High Roller Casino

Here’s another MMO game that brings Las Vegas into your living room. The original version of High Roller Casino was released in 2001 by Stern Pinball Arcade. A lot has changed since, though. The latest version dates from 2017 and rivals Four Kings in almost every aspect.

High Roller also allows players to customise their avatars. Players can also unlock new costumes and items as they play. The game has an incredible audio and graphics quality, taking players sometimes to The Venetian, other times to the Bellagio. It offers a wide range of games, including craps and other games that can’t be found in Four Kings. 

Pure Hold ’em

As the name suggests, Pure Hold ’em offers a much more specific experience than Four Kings. While Four Kings emulates an entire casino, Pure Hold ’em focuses on bringing the best possible Texas Hold ’em poker experience. Voofoo Studios designed the game, and it’s available for free on the PlayStation store.

In fact, Pure Hold ’em is a refined game where players can look at the opponent using a DualShock touchpad. The same touchpad also allows you to see your cards. Voofoo Studios has a series of hyper-realistic games, like Pure Snooker and Pure Pool. 

Prominence Poker

If you’re looking for a poker game with a storyline, Prominence Poker promises something close to it. Here, you play in the poker’s underworld until you win enough cash to face The Major, the obscure town leader. Prominence is unique in its attempt to mix poker with a mafia-themed game. 

Those who have already tried the poker game in Red Dead Redemption know what Prominence poker is about. The whole story revolves around Texas Hold ’em tables in shady rooms, which is great for game enthusiasts. Yet, it has nothing to do with the casino experience most games try to provide. 

The Casino Inside GTA V

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V are well familiar with the Diamond Casino and Resort, the virtual casino within the game. Although the casino has been there since the game was released, it only became fully functional after the latest patch. Players can use in-game currency to bet on several casino games. This currency can’t be bought with real money, though.

If you’re tired of stealing cars doing random shenanigans around the town, you can go there and risk your fortune on poker, roulette, blackjack, and even an exclusive GTA-themed slot machine. Other options include horse races and lucky wheels, where it’s possible to win cars and other luxury items. 

Pressing Play

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Those who love video games and casino games no longer need to switch devices when they want to change the game. PlayStation has top-quality options for fans, ranging from arcade to ultra-realistic titles. Closing the gap between video games and online casinos can also help this industry close another gap. The mix of online casinos and video games attracts a younger audience that otherwise was losing interest in casino games.