Online gaming is serious business, while many see it as just a fun pastime, it is a genuine passion for millions around the world. There are a multitude of options for gamers to enjoy, from first person shooters with stunning graphics, to casino style games offering great strategy and sophistication. All types of online games of course require a compatible device with an internet connection in order to play them, but there are also a number of other items you can purchase to enhance your experience. Things like wearable hardware and more comfortable seating can make a big difference, helping transform beginners into experts.


Headsets have become increasingly important to gamers, with so many games incorporating audio features that are necessary for full enjoyment of their titles. A good headset is vital for multiplayer battle royale games, which often feature large maps with enemies potentially coming from all angles. Having a nice headset will ensure you will always hear them coming. They’re also extremely useful for cooperative games as they allow players to speak to each other directly and discuss strategies and tactics.

When choosing a headset there are many things to consider, such as price, sound quality and comfort. Everyone has a different requirements, so there is no headset that is perfect for everyone, but there are a few that have broad appeal. In terms of wired headsets, the second edition of Razer’s Blackshark is widely recognised as the best on the market. For those who prefer the freedom of a wireless headset, the HyperX Cloud II is one of the most popular options, with fans enjoying its detachable microphone and good ergonomics.


The importance of chairs at home has come into sharp focus over the last couple of years with so many people working from home, but dedicated gamers have long acknowledged the value of a good seat. In the past most gamers played from their living room sofas or armchairs that often aren’t optimal for gaming. However nowadays, having an office or gaming chair is essential for gamers of all kinds. Online PC gamers may prefer a good office chair, while console gamers usually choose a gaming chair.

Console gamers tend to spend longer on their favourite titles so have an extra need for comfort, which gaming chairs offer due to their being bigger and more padded than ordinary desk chairs. Gaming chairs are also more durable and flexible, making them better suited to the intensity of gaming. All of this makes them more expensive than office chairs, so it’s recommended that only dedicated gamers who spend a lot of time playing get them. With both types of chairs, the important things to consider are back support, armrests and recline capability, all of which will help you stay healthy while playing online in the long term. In terms of office chairs, Herman Miller have one of the best ones on the market with “The Sayl”, while Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022, is one of the best gaming chairs out there.

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Gaming Mouse

For PC gamers, the importance of a quality mouse cannot be overstated. The standard one that comes with a new PC is often cheap and lightweight, so not suitable for gaming of any kind. A good quality gaming mouse can be the difference between a mediocre player and an elite one, and there a plenty on the market to choose from. Whether you go with a traditional wired mouse or a wireless one is a matter of preference, as you can find a good ranges of options for both kinds.

They’re particularly necessary for those who enjoy playing video game titles on the PC, with many believing that top end gaming mice are as good as video game controllers. They include stronger sensors, additional buttons and extra grip, all of which can help gamers improve their performance. Razer’s Viper 8K, Corsair’s Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless and SteelSeries’ Rival 5 are some examples of the amazing gaming mice currently on the market.