Today Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity in the online casino industry. Many factors contribute to this, such as security, anonymity, transaction speed, and others. So, a lot of games for bitcoins appeared, and dice is one of them. So, let’s take a detailed look at the BTC Dice game and explore all of its features.

Bitcoin Dice: the Description of Playing

Bitcoin dice is one of the most popular crypto games that have appeared in online casinos. Nowadays, thanks to some easy rules and good opportunities of winning, it remains incredibly in demand. Unlike traditional casinos, each bet in bitcoin games can be 100% confirmed, and this guarantees the fairness of all outcomes. The most attractive part of craps is the house edge. While most casino games have an edge of around 3 or 4%, bitcoin dice boasts only 1%. This is one of the little things you see in online casinos. This is how bitcoin games offer a real winning resource for gamblers, and here you can win, and it really can be with everybody!

Dice Game: Honest rules

The good news for all casino players is that by playing Bitcoin dice, they can check the fairness of the results. Most bitcoin casinos provide a provable fairness algorithm – and this mechanism can prove that the results are provided by a random number generator. Thus, the casino cannot influence the outcome of the round in any way, which means that you always have good chances of winning.

The honesty algorithm works as follows:

  1. Bitcoin Casino creates a special seed number and sends it to the player.
  2. The player adds his own received seed number.
  3. The player makes a bet, and the outcome of the round is decided.
  4. The player receives the seed used in the bet and can check the results.

Such an algorithm makes our gameplay 100% transparent and safe. This ensures that no background manipulation is taking place and that the results of the games are truly random. Moreover, you can receive funds from winnings using a special currency, and it may not always be crypto. For example, why not save up a currency like ethereum dice?

A Few Secrets in Dice Game

There are many basic strategies in gambling, and almost all of them can be used to play Bitcoin dice. Let’s look at the most popular mathematically based systems that have been successfully applied over the years:

  1. Martingale is the most popular Bitcoin dice strategy. The player starts betting with one value. If he wins, the bet size remains the same. When he loses, he doubles his bet until he wins. After that, he starts with the original bet. Thus, doubling the bet guarantees the return of all previous losses, as well as a small profit;
  2. The Paroli Bitcoin dice strategy is a great strategy when a player is on a winning streak. He increases the amount of the bet every time he wins, so the total winnings can be very large.

Dice game on online platforms is an exciting gambling process. The user should get only one pleasure from such a game.