Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to the brilliant games produced and the massive fanbase it nurtures (except for EA, of course). However, this often results in a highly passionate group of gamers who are almost impossible to buy gifts for. Nonetheless, this post will attempt to provide you with seven exciting, fun, engaging, and unique gift ideas for the gamer in your life.

Vintage Games

Almost all gamers who have been playing for the past decade will appreciate some form of a vintage game. They elicit feelings of nostalgia, and often for a good reason. While modern games are undoubtedly impressive, feature-rich marvels of contemporary technology, some things just can’t beat the good old days. However, it can be a challenge to buy authentic video games if you don’t know what you are doing or what to search for. Nevertheless, there are a few cardinal rules you can follow to ensure that you are getting the best deal:

  • Always use a reputable supplier: If you want the best, you need to shop with a supplier who knows their stuff. If you need help from a high-quality reseller, they will usually be happy to assist you so you can get precisely what you’re after for the best price.
  • Check prices across a range of sources: You should always take time to ensure that you aren’t getting ripped off. You can check online for the latest prices of games and consoles if you are unsure. However, try to avoid costs that seem too good to be true…they probably are.
  • Don’t forget to check out garage sales: Garage sales can be an absolute goldmine for old games if you know what to look for.
  • Try to buy from sellers using real photos: You can check the quality of an image and raise any issues with the seller if you see an actual photograph.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch has been an unparalleled success for the developers of some of gaming’s most iconic characters. While the full-fat version is best if you want to play with several people, the Lite version offers amazon bang for your buck. You get access to almost all of Nintendo’s previous games as well as some of the modern greats. If you want to go above and beyond, you should consider purchasing a copy of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild…just be aware that you might not see your friend for months!

Steam Deck 

If your friend isn’t into Nintendo’s eclectic cast of characters and desires something with more freedom, a Steam Deck could be the perfect option. However, pre-orders are only available in certain countries, and if you buy one under your own name, you might have to wait a while to purchase another for yourself (Steam has strict regulations to avoid scalping). Nonetheless, if you go down this route, you will treat your best bud to one of the year’s most anticipated portable gaming devices and one that is even capable of handling CYBERPUNK 2077 (possibly!). However, aside from the range of triple-A titles this behemoth can play, you have access to Steam’s vast library of PC games and generous discounts to ensure that your friend never sees daylight again!

Ayn Odin Pro

If buying real realtor games seems too daunting, you can opt for a modern handheld device that caters to almost every popular vintage console in history. As a Kickster project, Ayn Odin Pro has raised over $1 million and proven to be extremely popular with gamers looking for a compact handheld to play GoldenEye on. 

Razer Kishi Android Controller

Let’s not beat around the bush; mobile gaming is a thing, and many people love it. Although you might be overly enthralled at the prospect of Apple or Google being part of your gaming lives, it is already worth over $25 billion in North America alone. Razer has developed a device that allows you to play games on your phone, similar to how you might use a Switch or Deck.

A New Graphics Card

This isn’t a joke, honestly! If you have the cash and want to treat your gaming friend to something that will make them love you forever, you might want to try to find a card compatible with their setup. Even if you fail (you probably won’t), you can always fall back on the other options on this list!

A High-Quality Set Of Headphones 

Headphones or any peripherals really are an essential aspect of gaming. They not only stop the noise of dying enemies from annoying your family and neighbors but also enable gamers to hear with more clarity. If you think this is an excellent idea for your friend, you should opt for ones that include an adjustable microphone and a stand if possible.

From vintage games to modern handheld powerhouses, there are many things you can buy your gamer friends as a gift. As long as you take time to listen to what they actually want or need, you are a-shoeing to buy the best things.