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Mobile gaming is becoming huge. In some parts of the world, gaming on a device outstrips console and PC gaming in terms of popularity. Part of this growth has been down to the iGaming sector, which now allows people to gamble on slots and casino games from their mobile. 

If you are choosing a new phone and playing these games online, there are some considerations you should make. Below, we discuss how to choose a mobile device for playing casino games. 


The first consideration to make is the display. While online casino games are unlikely to require the display specifications and graphical capabilities of most other titles, they are getting quite demanding. Some of them have multiple animations and vivid color palettes, meaning you need to get something capable of handling them all. 

Take a look at some of the online slots real money games available. Titles like Fortunes of Olympus have designs akin to many top mobile games. By finding sites that have the best games such as this, you will also find the best offers for bonuses and free spins. You can use them to get an idea of the types of titles you may want to play and decide on a display that is right for you. 

Any quad or ultra-definition phone will be more than capable. However, they are also expensive so this will depend on your budget and how far it can stretch. 

Battery Life

Playing games on a mobile device can quickly eat up your battery life. You can buy an additional power bank, but it is best to go with a battery that lasts a long time. That way, you don’t have to worry about games cutting off if you find a winning streak. Most new devices for Android and iOS have battery life as their main focus and will last a long time. More budget brands may use this as a way to save on costs.

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Luckily, most online casino games don’t need a lot of random access memory (RAM) to run. 4GB is more than enough and should be within most budgets. However, if you can get more then go for it. Not only will it help your games run much more smoothly, but it will also future-proof your device. It is obvious to see that most online slots are getting more adventurous in terms of graphical capabilities, so having a long-term view is good. 

Another consideration is if you plan to play live casino games on your device. In this situation, your will be watching a live stream of a croupier on your phone. If the picture breaks up you may lose out on vital information, bonus rounds, and essentially, winnings. In this instance, opt for the best device you can afford with higher levels of RAM and better display options. 

Any other considerations will be down to personal preference. You may prefer larger devices so controls are easier to access. In any case, remember to stick to your budget and enjoy your online gaming.