FREMONT, CA –May 24th 2016 – CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today announced the latest addition to its industry leading range of XMP 2.0 certified DDR4 memory kits, the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition. Developed in collaboration with the ASUS Republic of Gamers team, the 16GB 4 x 4GB DDR4 kit is fitted with a unique Republic of Gamers Red and Black brushed aluminium finish, to perfectly compliment the celebrated ASUS Republic of Gamers line of motherboards.

Clocked at 3,200MHz for blistering high-bandwidth performance on Intel 100-series motherboards, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition also boasts a custom overclocked ROG XMP 2.0 memory profile only accessible with ASUS Z170 Republic of Gamers motherboards*, pushing the kit to an even faster 3,333MHz with just a single setting.





As the pinnacle of the CORSAIR range of high performance memory, Dominator Platinum is the choice of PC enthusiasts who demand the world’s most advanced memory. Striking industrial design, machined aluminium heatsinks and integrated LED lighting make Dominator Platinum unmistakable, while patented DHX cooling directly cools the PCB for superior thermal performance, allowing the rigorously screened memory to perform at its absolute best.

The collaboration between CORSAIR and ASUS Republic of Gamers highlights both company’s commitment to providing gamers and enthusiasts the tools needed to push their hardware to the absolute limits.

We’re delighted to be working with CORSAIR on the Dominator Platinum ROG Edition, combining years of ASUS motherboard expertise with the CORSAIR passion for truly high performance memory.” Said Kris Huang, Senior Director for ASUS ROG. “The result gives ASUS ROG motherboard users an instant performance increase when using CORSAIR ROG Edition DDR4, making memory overclocking easier than ever.”

The collaboration between two of the world’s biggest PC enthusiast brands was also welcomed by Chun Ye, Product Manager for Memory at CORSAIR.

Working closely with the ASUS ROG team has allowed CORSAIR to push the performance levels of the Dominator Platinum ROG Edition even higher” said Ye. “Now, ASUS ROG Motherboard users have the option of a premium memory kit that not only matches their motherboard in terms of looks and design, but also performs even faster with just a single BIOS setting, thanks to the custom ROG XMP 2.0 profile.”

Since launching in 2012, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum has become the premium memory choice for world-champion overclockers, extreme gaming enthusiasts and high-end system builders alike who demand the absolute best. Now, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition brings an entirely new level of customisation, allowing ASUS Republic of Gamers motherboard owners to fit memory tailor designed specifically for their motherboard.


  • Exclusive Look: Striking red aluminum ROG top bar and Republic of Gamers design exactly matches ASUS ROG motherboards.
  • Custom ROG XMP 2.0 Profile: Install CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition into a compatible ASUS Republic of Gamers Z170 motherboard and access the custom 3,333MHz XMP 2.0 Profile for ungraded performance.
  • Carefully screened ICs: Ensures superior performance and reliability.
  • Ten-layer PCB and patterned DHX cooling technology: Provides improved heat dispersion for superior overclocking potential.
  • Maximum bandwidth and tight response time: Optimized for the latest Intel® 100 series motherboards.
  • Supports XMP 2.0: Automatically selects the maximum reliable overclocking settings for the best possible performance and stability.


Availability, Pricing and Warranty

Availability: Available as a 4 DIMM, 16GB memory kit, the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition is available immediately from the world-wide network of CORSAIR retailers and distributors, as well as directly from CORSAIR.

Product SKU: CMD16GX4M4B3200C16-ROG

Pricing: MSRP $189.99 Exc. Tax

Warranty: As with all CORSAIR memory, CORSAIR Dominator Platinum ROG Edition is backed by a lifetime warranty.


*Compatible ASUS Republic of Gamers Z170 Motherboards for ROG XMP 2.0 Profile


•               MAXIMUS VIII HERO



•               MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT

•               MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME

•               MAXIMUS VIII RANGER

•               MAXIMUS VIII GENE