Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth Mouse Mat Overview

Every good gamer needs a good gaming surface and Corsair are no stranger to providing their customers with what they need. While this version of the MM200 has the unfortunate’Gaming’ logo that has since been replaced, the surface itself is still top quality.

My only issue with the MM200 is the size alone, while it may be fine for others, I need something that will cover the top of my desk as I like to have my keyboard atop it as well. If you are not a fan of the bigger mats than this should be right up your alley! However, bigger ones are offered in this range should you require one. It has a great feel to it when sliding an M65 across it and offers great feedback from any mouse sensor I have tested on it.

There’s not too much to say or do with a mouse mat so enjoy a couple of quick photos! Corair-Peripherals_23 Corair-Peripherals_24 Corair-Peripherals_25 Corair-Peripherals_26



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