Corsair Vengeance Gaming M65 RGB Mouse Overview


With all of the commotion around RGB peripherals in the PC Gaming market, Corsair was one of the early adopters. Corsair has a nice range of RGB products with more to be released soon. For my Birthday back in may, the Wife got me a whole set of Corsair peripherals and today I will be doing just a quick overview of the M65 RGB Gaming Mouse, but please do make sure to check out the other peripherals as well. I will include links at the bottom of all the Corsair overviews to all the others when they are published.

The Corsair M65 has been a fan favourite for years, but the updated RGB version just makes it that much sweeter. All the hype around RGB peripherals is due to the fact users can customize the LED’s to their own liking, making the peripherals fit in with virtually any colour scheme you can think of! The M65 RGB features 3 LED zones with a 16.8M colour backlighting for the ultimate in customization.

RGB aside, the M65 features an 8,200 DPI setting which can be changed on the fly! Users will also be able to set their polling rate between 1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, or 125Hz (1ms, 2ms, 4ms or 8ms). The M65 also comes with a nice rubberized scroll wheel and a programmable sniper button on the left side of the mouse. Just above the sniper button are also a pair of forward/backward buttons as well.

Taking a look at the bottom of the mouse and there we can see the PTFE glide pads for smooth transitioning over your preferred gaming surface and 3 tunable zones to allow you to customize the weight of the mouse to make sure it is just right for you.

Enough of that though, here are some of the first pictures I took showing the mouse, followed by links to more information!

Closer Look

Corair-Peripherals_13 Corair-Peripherals_14 Corair-Peripherals_15 Corair-Peripherals_16Corair-Peripherals_18 Corair-Peripherals_19 Corair-Peripherals_20 Corair-Peripherals_21 Corair-Peripherals_22


Final Words

The M65 is one hell of a mouse and while I have been using it for awhile, I will be doing some more tests on it so I can do a full review on it in the near future. In the meantime, check out the links below for more information on the mouse!

Corsairs Website: CLICK HERE

M65 RGB Product Page: CLICK HERE

Amazon UK Links: