S30 Features Advanced AI technology with VoicePure ENC Noise Cancellation of over 50 dB, TubeBass™ Bass Enhancement, & Unmatched Comfort

Over Ear Air Conduction Safe for Long-Time Use
Stay Aware of Your Surroundings & Be Heard in Noisiest Environments
with 70+ Hours of Use

EKSAtelecom S30 product

Hollywood, FL, May 15, 2024 – EKSAtelecom https://www.eksatelecom.com/, a leading provider of innovative audio solutions, announced today that the new S30 Open-Ear Air Conduction Wireless Communications Headset is now shipping. Pioneering an open headset design, this cutting-edge device seamlessly combines advanced AI technology with safety and unmatched ergonomic comfort, providing users with a unique immersive audio experience. The EKSAtelecom S30 features an open-ear format with a single-sided VoicePure ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) 99.99% noise-canceling mic boom with a noise reduction depth of over 50 dB, 70+ hour of use, and clear communications in noise-intensive environments. The S30 is perfect for office use, commuting, trucking, exercising, online meetings, travel, working outdoors, and anywhere where you need to stay aware while talking on the phone or listening to music, podcasts, and other audio.

Open-Ear Safe – Leading Industry in Open-ear Designs

Superior to in-ear headphones, the over-ear S30 headset provides comfort and safety with its open-ear conduction design that sits beside the ear instead of in the ear so it doesn’t hurt your ear canal, essential for long-time use. Every feature of the S30 is engineered for maximum comfort without applying pressure to your head (like on-ear models can), preventing soreness and fatigue. Check out the technologies at https://www.eksatelecom.com/pages/technology.

The S30’s super-long 70-hour battery life offers long-time use with the 99.99% ENC Noise Cancellation technology allowing family, friends, or coworkers to clearly hear drivers even when on noisy or windy roads. Drivers can enjoy entertainment and stay connected while remaining attentive to the sounds of the road and also benefit from the IPX5 water-resistant rating which allows the headsets to be used in any weather conditions.

EKSAtelecom S30 lifestyle office
EKSAtelecom S30 lifestyle

Office & Travel Use

Perfect for business professionals, travelers, and individuals in noise-intensive environments, the S30 Open-Ear Conduction True Wireless Headset works seamlessly with communication platforms for a versatile solution for both professional and personal use. It offers superior comfort and the highest level of wearability for long-term call center or office use. A single-sided noise-canceling microphone boom ensures uninterrupted communication for the rising demand for video conferencing and customer service solutions. Office users will also benefit from the Bluetooth 5.3 30m/99ft wireless connection that gives users the freedom to walk around the office while talking and TubeBass™ Technology that delivers rich, immersive bass without compromising clarity for essential calls.

EKSAtelecom S30 Features:
• Open-Ear Comfort: innovative open-ear design delivers exceptional comfort for all-day wear without damaging the ear canal. The ear hook is adjustable to fit different shapes of ears.
• 99.99% 4-Mic Environmental Noise Cancellation: remarkable 99.9% VoicePure ENC Noise Cancelation provides clear calls in noisy work environments.
• 70+ Hour Working Time: 70+ hour battery life ensures uninterrupted usage and unmatched productivity for extended periods.
• 30m/99ft Long Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 5.3 offers a seamless wireless experience, allowing you to move around without losing connection.
• TubeBass™ Sound Technology: elevates low-frequency audio, adding depth to your music for fuller audio, bright highs, and immersive audio.
• Privacy Mode: provides a private listening experience.
• IPX5 Waterproof Rating: protects headset against splashes and light rain, ideal for outdoor activities and peace of mind in unpredictable weather conditions.