Daily responsibilities can be overwhelming to a student at any level. You are expected to attend classes, study for upcoming tests, write assignments, and attend to personal projects. Such a heavy schedule will leave you physically and emotionally drained. All the help possible will make it easier to fulfill your responsibilities while still finding time to relax. 


Technology is one of the best helpers a student at any level can rely upon for assistance. It makes your work easier, increases accuracy, and is available anytime you need assistance. You get help through apps, websites, digital channels, and other technology platforms like matlab homework help that will handle any assignment, making your college life easier. Here are excellent tools, resources, and software to make studying easier. 


Lectures present the most important aspects of a topic. While you capture some of them in your notes, others will slip away. Recording, therefore, becomes the best habit to capture your lectures. You can focus on listening and following presentations instead of taking notes since you will recap the lesson any time after class. SoundNote allows you to do three important tasks while studying. 

  • Typing
  • Drawing/sketching 
  • Recording audio 

The three tasks are performed simultaneously. The notes are linked to the audio. Once you hit a note you had taken, it will instantly jump to the audio minute where you typed the note. You avoid having to scroll through the entire audio to catch an explanation. 

The notes also act as bookmarks while you can also place others to remind you of different sections of the same lecture. Recording audios allows you to still study while traveling or relaxing without dragging all your books along. It is efficient to share the notes and audios on other platforms, helping you to create a personalized database for your entire course. 

The size of the recorded files will also save memory on your device, allowing you to capture more sessions without having to delete. With cloud support, you will access your files anywhere and anytime. SoundNote makes learning easier and efficient wherever you will be. 

Google Drive 

Think of Google Drive as your mobile school bag. It is cloud based, allowing you to access files anytime and anywhere without carrying your gadgets around. The platform accepts files in different formats like audio, images, videos, and text. Google Drive allows you to create folders for different units and courses. As a result, you can easily trace your files whenever you need to retrieve them. 

Google Drive accepts and will send files to many other platforms like YouTube, social media, and gadgets running on different operating systems. The platform is available as an app on your phone or laptop. Its features are easy to use by dropping the file from any platform. Sharing is also seamless, providing an easy time whenever you need to access your files. 

Google Calendar 

Time is one of the most important resources for a student at any level. The semester begins in earnest and before you know it, you are sitting for the first CAT. Assignment deadlines also kick in fast and before you know it, the end of semester exams are here. The Google Calendar will help you to manage your time, especially meeting deadlines and finding time for all tasks you desire to accomplish. 

Google Calendar will help you to accomplish the following:

  • Create different calendars for each section of your life and later merge them into one organized life. For instance, you copy your school time table, then create a social time table, and later personal time table. From the dashboard, all these will be merged into one. 
  • Set reminders for each activity. The reminders are set in intervals that allow you to accomplish milestones. The reminders will appear on all gadgets with the Google account used. 
  • Develop a color code for your activities. It helps you to identify the most urgent as well as the upcoming activities. 
  • Invite teammates to different parts of the schedule or activities. This synchronizes your chores, enabling you to complete group work. It is an effective time management app for students working on group projects. 

Google Calendar will synchronize your activities as an individual or group. As you plan your day and share schedules, you will be more effective and productive in college. You avoid wasting time, lagging behind in your schedule, and missing important deadlines that compromise your academic pursuit. 


Citation and referencing are some of the most important academic writing tasks. It requires you to follow very strict rules to capture such details as the author, publisher, volume, and dates, among other important aspects of academic materials. RefMe can be used as a website as well as an app. 

The features on RefMe make it easier to use for students interacting with the platform for the first time. It has a short learning curve, allowing you to use it on assignments, essays, research papers, and dissertations, among other tasks. RefMe helps you to capture citations and references in different styles as required by your study area or the department. 

RefMe will later generate a bibliography. At the click of a few buttons, you will have a bibliography in the required referencing style, saving you hours of work and enhancing your accuracy. It is a free platform but requires you to pay a subscription in case you require advanced features. By taking referencing work away, you can now focus on writing the best paper. 


Editing makes your discussion easy to follow because there are no errors that misrepresent your facts. Wrong punctuation, misplaced words, poor word choices, and inappropriate phrasing will weaken the discussion as well as misplace your ideas. Grammarly ensures that your papers are readable and the discussion clear. 

Grammarly allows creative writing by offering a chance to skip editing your phrases. In case you have repeated some of the phrases several times, the app will provide alternatives. You avoid boring text that is also repetitive. 

Plagiarism is one of the gravest sins in academic writing. It will cause your paper and ideas to be recalled years after graduation, damaging your reputation. Grammarly helps you to identify plagiarized phrases for correction. Its check-percentages match those used in departments, guaranteeing the required uniqueness. 

Grammarly is one of the most writing-friendly tools. It offers multiple packages including editing, writing-style data, and plagiarism check. It is affordable for a student’s budget yet will transform even an amateur writer into a pro. It is a must have for all students. 

Students have access to multiple tools that make writing easy, faster, and more accurate. Resources like YouTube and e-books will help you to write better. By reducing study time, you create room for other more interesting activities like traveling, entertainment, art, or business. Since the resources help you to earn better grades, it will raise your academic profile and professional prospects.