Hamburg, November 29th 2017 – Elevator… to the Moon! is one of the greatest VR games of the year 2017. Don’t believe us? Here are some quotes of what real actual players think of our experience:

“Loved every minute of the game.”

“Looks, sounds and plays great!”

“It’s everything I wanted it to be!”

“I absolutely love this game!”

At long last the wait is over: The best Virtual Reality game of Gamescom 2017 (according to Elite Gamer) is now available on Steam. Take a wild ride on a dilapidated lunar elevator. Fix your odd space vehicle while off-kilter and loudmouthed president of the world, Doug-Slater Roccmeier yells at you for not following every instruction to the point. Take the trip to its end, where dark and horrible mysteries on the moon are just waiting to be uncovered.

Elevator… to the Moon! is no one trick pony. After you’ve finished the storyline, there is a perplexing alternate ending to experience, many achievements to unlock and fun little secrets to be discovered. As you can see, there is enough action going on to satisfy your lust for entertainment for quite a while.

Celebrate the launch of Elevator… to the Moon! on Steam with us and buy the game now – at a discounted price for only $7.99, available only for a limited time. But even at its regular price, Elevator… to the Moon! won’t break the bank at just $9.99.

Can’t wait for your download to finish so you can finally start your very own adventure to the moon? We’ve got you covered. Please enjoy a little something to get you in the right mood for our Elevator! Here is a special something : Elevator Music Forever Loop.

Of course we also provide Review-Codes for all editors and influencers. If you would like to check out the game please reach out and we will provide a key for you.



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