Valve has just released Counter-Strike 2, and everyone is hyped to have a fresh start and potentially go pro. Though the most crucial factor to being good at Counter-Strike is to have raw skills and good aim, a low-performing PC can hinder your potential. This article will discuss how important a reliable setup is for CS2 and which PC parts you should upgrade if your gear is lacking.

How Important Is A Good PC For CS2?

Counter-Strike 2 is a competitive first-person shooter game where most players are playing to improve and achieve high ranks and results. To play competitively, you need fast reflexes and precise aim, and a capable PC setup is required to ensure you have smooth performances and achieve your full potential. 

CSGO’s sequel will run on Valve’s upgraded engine, Source 2. CS2 will come with improved graphics and lighting, making the game much heavier to run than CSGO. Many players with decent PC performances in CSGO struggle to get reasonable frame rates in the new game.

It doesn’t help low-end PC users that the introduction of volumetric smokes and enhanced molotov effects have increased the performance load on your computer. Retake situations where lots of grenades are thrown can kill the frames for these players with low-performing PCs.

The Source 2 engine has also made water and other effects appear realistic in the game. Though this can be pleasing to the eye for most players, weak computers are hurt by this change, as it reduces the capabilities of low-end PCs further. 

Why Is Good Performance Important In Professional CS?

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When playing in CS2 professionally, you are already up against the best players in the world who have unfathomable aiming skills and super speedy reaction times. These players are sponsored by large businesses and are given the best gaming gear to play on. 

If your aiming and reflex capabilities are slightly lacking compared to the professionals, you will quickly get punished and have your head taken off. It wouldn’t feel great if your full potential to compete with them cannot be reached due to a poor-performing setup.

Here are some of the most significant performance factors that affect gameplay in CS2 matches and why:

Frame Rate

With CS2 being such a fast-paced game, every single frame counts. A higher frame rate (or frames per second) will make your gameplay look smoother, which can help you aim your crosshair better and improve your reaction time. In a game where milliseconds matter, having a lower frame rate than your opponents can determine who wins an aim duel.

Input Lag

Input lag is the delay between your actions, like moving your mouse or pressing a key. You can already imagine how frustrating it is to have your shots delayed due to hardware rather than skill issues. We can assure you that every professional player playing in CS2 matches here has strong gaming setups that prevent any input lag from occurring during CS2 live scores. Playing in professional territory allows no room for input lag, as kills are determined by who shoots faster.

Refresh Rate

The last notable performance factor is the monitor’s refresh rate. Competitive players use high refresh-rate monitors, usually 240 Hz or 360 Hz. These refresh rates allow the monitor to display more frames per second, so the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the performance. Unfortunately, many casual CS2 players are playing on 60 Hz, far from what professionals use. 

Tournament organizer BLAST Premier made a content piece where professional CS players were tasked to shoot bots using all the different refresh rates. They could easily hit the bots with 360 or 240 Hz monitors, but it was almost impossible for them to hit all their shots at 60 Hz. 

Which PC Parts Are Important To Upgrade For CS2?

If you’re a victim of a poor-performing PC and now understand how vital suitable components are for your CS2 gameplay, you are probably keen to figure out how to fix it. Instead of buying a completely new PC or laptop, upgrading some parts can do the trick. Here are the essential PC parts you can upgrade for better performance in CS2.

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Graphics Card (GPU)

The graphics card is the most critical component for a computer’s gaming performance. A stronger GPU can run CS2 at high graphics settings and resolutions while maintaining high frame rates. As discussed earlier, higher frame rates can help you react and track enemy movements effectively, which is crucial in CS2 matches. 

Processor (CPU)

Counter-Strike 2 isn’t as reliant on the CPU as the GPU, but a good processor is also important to make your PC performance consistent throughout a CS2 match. If you had a highly populated round where dozens of grenades are thrown in your direction, your game might experience FPS drops. An upgraded CPU will reduce these frame drops.

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Peripherals like a mouse and keyboard are essential for CS2, as these two devices are needed for you to move and shoot. As discussed earlier, input lags can be detrimental to your potential in CS2, and outdated mice and keyboards are the root of the problem. Most players in CS2 tournaments use mice like the Logitech G Pro X Superlight, which has a response time of only 1 ms.


The monitor is responsible for a computer’s refresh rate. A high refresh rate monitor will make your screen look smoother and reduce motion blur. These factors will improve your capabilities in tracking fast-moving targets, which is highly common in CSGO. If you can’t afford 240 or 360 Hz monitors, a 144 Hz monitor should suffice.


In conclusion, many people want to get into CS2 as it’s a fresh start to try your luck in becoming a professional. However, these players need a PC setup that can support their gameplay, as it is almost impossible to compete with the best on a budget PC. Players should look to upgrade important PC parts to improve their performance.