Modern technology has drastically changed how we shop, make payments, diagnose diseases, and how we create entertainment experiences. Blockchain, cloud, AI, voice and face recognition, VR, and wearable tech all have an impact on how games are developed. These new technologies are used to facilitate a more engaging experience, make games more immersive, and incentivize more people to play. So, let’s see how modern hardware and software solutions affect gaming satisfaction. 

Seamless and Effective Payment Options

Thanks to modern payment technology and blockchain we are able to make instant payments, which is why microtransactions are such a big part of online games. Instead of creating games that people buy, developers create virtual experiences or universes, where users spend money. One of the best examples is online casinos, which are basically digital gambling parlors where people spend and win money. Thanks to all of the latest e-wallets we have lots of instant withdrawal casinos Canada sites where you can play just like you would in a regular casino. Moreover, it’s easier to create reward programs and incentivize players as all of them are bound to a digital account. Additionally, people are no longer paying for games that they never played before. You basically play the game for free and then decide if you wish to spend money on it.   

VR and AR

We are yet to see the full extent of VR and AR tech, as it’s still in development. Right now it is used for more than just games, and it’s clear that it has incredible potential. You can create more authentic simulations or lessons where people can have better training before they try to perform risky operations in real life.  Of course, it also gives more flexibility to gamify the lessons and make them more memorable. In other words, it will be revolutionary for both entertainment, education, and our lives in general. On top of that, it is a powerful marketing tool, especially if you love shopping for clothes or picking up travel destinations. 

Blockchain and NFT Games 

One of the new and emerging trends is NFT games, which rely on blockchain technology for more than just payments. These games are all about generating unique digital assets, trading, and tracking the ownership of the particular digital elements. Moreover, they can be added as new design features in some of the modern titles that include collectibles. This is a huge upgrade and many developers believe NFTs are the future of gaming in some shape or form. With this tech, we can have games with unique weapons, armor, or creatures that will have different values because of their individual traits or quirks. 

Deep Learning 

Computers have way more processing power than our brains, which is why many find the notion of AI quite scary. Dark Forest is a program developed by Facebook that has deep-learning capabilities which have various applications. Today we have such an advanced AI that can improve in games like chess,  Go, StarCraft, and even poker. This means they can adapt their strategy and make decisions based on the current situation, just like a human would do. Imagine how a future generation of chess players will be more advanced as they are playing against the most formidable opponent.

Improved Security

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Although these features don’t directly affect the gameplay they do have an impact on the overall experience. One of the biggest fears among people who engage in online activity is that someone will hack their computer or phone, and steal their information. Today, we have different authentication methods that make it difficult for our personal information to be accessed. Voice recognition, facial recognition, two-factor authentication, and biometric scans, make our experience more safe and secure. 

Cloud-Based Tech 

Thanks to better servers or cloud-based tech games are more accessible and the in-game environment is truly vast. Furthermore, the number of players that can be in the same spot is a lot higher, which means that virtual armies can clash and there will be almost no lagging. These things were simply impossible several years ago, and we are still pushing the limits of how much information servers can process. On top of that, it’s easier to create more accessible content or content that is more compatible with the user’s hardware. 


These were the most general improvements to gaming brought to us via modern tech. Technology will always lag behind the human imagination as there are so many things devs would love to add in order to create these digital experiences better and more authentic. However, due to particle reasons they simply cannot do it, as higher loading time, and server instability would harm the quality of the games. Luckily, modern hardware is making more of these things possible.