Rainbow Six Extraction is out now, and it has a unique take on the Horde Survival Shooter genre. While players who have already played Rainbow Six Siege will feel right at home in this game, people who haven’t played either of the two games might need some help. Here are our top tips and tricks for Rainbow Six Extraction.

Use The Ping System

Rainbow Six Extraction employs a ping system that you can use to convey important information to your teammates. For example, instead of shouting ‘OVER THERE’, you can just ping the location where you want to go and just tell your teammates to go to the ping. You can also highlight enemies and ammo boxes with the ping system, so your teammates can easily find them.

Use The Stun Grenades

Stun grenades are super powerful if you use them the right way. Most people throw them willy nilly and don’t give much thought about it, while others don’t even bother using them at all. You can throw stun grenades right at the enemies, and they won’t be able to move for a short while. In this time, you can easily take them down.

Stealth Is Key

Rainbow Six Extraction is not your average Horde Survival Shooter. You can’t play it all guns blazing and expect to complete the missions. You will have to be much more thoughtful about how you will complete the missions and take a tactical approach. You will achieve a much higher success rate if you take a tactical approach. 

You Need A Doc In Your Squad

Doc is by far one of the best operators in the game. Doc allows you to heal yourself and revive yourself if you get injured. You can also heal your teammates from a distance. Where Doc’s ability shins the most is in reviving your teammates. You can be in the middle of a fight, and all you have to do to revive your teammates is pull out your stem pistol and shoot them with it. 

Shoot The Black Goo

While playing Rainbow Six Extraction, you might have noticed some black goo on the walls and the floor. This black goo will slow you down, and it gets really annoying when you have to run fast. You can shoot this goo to make it go away. In a certain radius where you shoot, the goo will start to disappear. Once it’s gone you can walk on that floor at normal speed.

You Don’t Need To Complete The Mission

When it comes to PVE games, Rainbow Six Extraction employs a unique system for players that die during a mission. In Rainbow Six Extraction, if you die while playing as an operator, that operator will not be playable for you. In other words, you won’t be able to select that operator from the menu. Instead, you will have to rescue that operator in one of the random missions. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Tips

With this unique system, players have to be much more methodical about how they will complete a mission. It forces them to be extra careful. It is also what makes the game super engaging and challenging.

During a mission, if you see that it is getting too difficult for you and you think that you might get killed, you have the option to end it right there and save your operator. This way, you can avoid going on a rescue mission to rescue the operator that died.

Shoot The Red Spots

Like most games, some enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction have weak spots. If you shoot these weak spots, it will take much fewer bullets to kill them. If you see any enemies with red spots on them, those are their weak points. If you want to kill enemies faster, try to aim at the red spots.

The tips and tricks that we have mentioned above are quite effective. We have tried and tested each one of them ourselves and seen great results. If you are new to Rainbow Six Extraction, you will surely find some of these tips useful. Try them out for yourselves and see which one helps you the most.