A research paper is a kind of assignment that students of schools, colleges, or universities write during their studies. To write attractive, meaningful, and engaging assignments, students need to do complete research on a given topic and gather unique information. For many students writing a research paper can be a difficult process if they are not familiar with the writing methods and are also weak in doing good research. In this regard, different services like https://essayshark.com/buy-research-paper.html offer their pro services to buy research papers. 

However, in this article, we grabbed some useful information for that kind of student to help them in writing a successful research paper. If you are going to write a research paper on technology then just follow the following simple steps;

  • Select the main topic
  • Formulate a thesis question
  • Do complete research on the topic
  • Write an outline
  • Write the final paper and do necessary editing

5 Tips to write a technology research paper

1- Select a unique and interesting topic about technology for your research paper:

Technology is not a limited subject; in the modern world it is the most advanced and rapidly growing area. You can easily find out the topic of your desire for a research paper. With the passage of time technology is changing continuously and many inventions have been added in this area since the last decade. Select the topic about you which you know already and have some grip on it. If you successfully choose the topic, then you will be able to conduct your research paper easily. One more thing that you need to keep in mind is to select the topic about which you can find enough data on the internet. If your selected topic contains a lot of information, then you must know how to bind it according to the limits of a research paper.

2- Formulating a thesis question:

Question of the thesis defines the topic of your research paper. If you are given a specific subject and asked to select one of your favourite topics to form that subject then it will be very easy for you to select the specific topic. At the same time when your professor mentioned that you have to get your research paper topic from technology then it will be easy for you to find the final topic of your assignment.

Remember the following key points;

  • Keep your sentences and writing tone simpler.
  • Research a different topic of technology and then select the one about which you get enough data and have some previous knowledge about that topic.
  • Do not use irrelevant information in your research paper and follow the authentic sources of information.

3- Do complete research on the topic:

Before starting to write the paper, do complete research and gather valid and relevant information about the topic. Use up-to-date resources that have valid data. Keep in mind the following steps about informative sources;

  • When you cite any online information about technology, then make sure that the source belongs to the encyclopedia. Wikipedia is also a useful source of information and has almost every kind of information on it, but it has unreliable and unverified information about many subjects. So we recommend you avoid it.
  • Search for the expert books relevant to your question and get some help.
  • Listening to or reading interviews of technology experts is a good idea to get valid information.
  • Arrange the sources:

Gather and arrange all your collected sources to organize your final thoughts about the paper. Use a sticky note pad or a highlighting marker to choose the books or sources that you will cite for your research paper.

4- Write an outline:  

It is the portion where you start writing your research paper. An outline of a research paper helps the writer to organize his arguments in a well-defined way and allows him to use evidence about his research. It helps you to write your research paper logically and allows you to support your ideas with valid evidence. It is very beneficial to write your outline some days before writing the final research paper. Moreover, it will give you a chance to recheck it several times and make more required editing and adjustment of data.

5- Writing and editing the final paper:

You have to write the outline of your paper and complete all foundation work, now start the final process of writing. Introduction, body, and conclusion are the three pain parts of a research paper.

The introduction of your topic provides the research background and provides the readers with all the basic information of your research paper. Avoid sharing a personal opinion. 

The body of the research paper is the main central part of your paper. In this section, you will cite the sources from where you get data. There must not be plagiarized content, so don’t copy any other work.

 The conclusion of the research paper should be short and relevant to your paper. Make sure that it reflects the information of your research paper. The right writing format is another big deal that you should follow according to instructions.


Technology is the most advanced and modern area of today’s world. It is not possible to explain it in a single assignment. Technology has made great advanced inventions in the last decade and continues making more. So, there are many topics about technology that you can pick to write your technology paper.