Every few years products that were once thought of as ridiculous and over the top, become much more acceptable. This is exactly what has happened to robot vacuums. Once upon a time, only for those with a rich and fabulous lifestyle, they are now becoming more affordable so almost anyone can get their hands on one. As with most products, you do get what you pay for so make sure you are careful when selecting one.  Alongside being able to vacuum, they also can now mop and some of them even have cameras on them so you can use them for security means as well. Today, we are taking a look at the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI which is one of the most advanced robot hoovers you can currently get.

Currently available for £599 when applying £50 voucher on AMAZON UK: CLICK HERE

Packaging and Contents

ECOVACS have double boxed up their T8 AIVI and rightly so! When you spend this amount of money on anything, you want to know that it is going to arrive in one piece with no damage! The outside box is also a plain brown but serves its purpose.


Inside the brown box is the more stylish packaging for the T8 AIVI. This box has a white/blue theme to it and not only has an image of the robot vacuum there are some specs and info as well. We can also see a couple of awards it has won in the top right corner which is nice to see as it helps to reaffirm that this isn’t just some cheap Chinese knockoff.


Over on to the back of the box and there is even more info about the T8 AIVI. We can see some info about the ECOVACS APP and that this new robot last even longer and should be able to go for around 3Hours or so.


The T8 AIVI comes very well packaged. There are several smaller boxes inside and even some foam to help make sure the robot is safe and secure during transport.


Getting everything out and there are definitely quite a few things! We have three small boxes that all contain parts and spares for the T8 AIVI. WE can also see the charging stand and robot itself.


There are also quite a few spare parts as well to make sure you can get the most out of your new T8 AIVI for as long as possible.


T8 AIVI Closer Look

The DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI is a fairly big and heavy robot. From the moment you get it out of the packaging you know you have a great product in your hands. DEEBOT has a number of these autonomous robots and the T8 AIVI is one of the more advanced ones. While I don’t see this allowing you to be able to fully get rid of your manual hoover, it will definitely keep the house nice and tidy for the most part and alleviate the need to hoover quite so much.

IT sounds funny to say but it does look kind of stylish and all. The little head that pops out of the top of the robot is going to allow it to help map out your house and know where it is. Aside from this, there isn’t much going on at the top aside from the power button.


Flipping it over quickly and taking a look at the underside and we have three wheels. The single one towards the top is going to be what allows the T8 AIVI to maneuver around your house and turn while the other two are going to be what makes it go forwards and backwards and also allow it to climb smaller surfaces. While it won’t be able to climb your stairs, it can easily climb over wooden door bars and up onto carpeted areas. The green and red clips are going to hold brushes that when in use, will stick out just past the edge of the T8 AIVI and allow it to grab a bit more dust along the walls and in corners. The yellow brush in the middle is going to be what does most of the hoovering and is also easily removable for cleaning and to replace it should you ever need to. The yellow brush also has rubber brushes to help and try to make it so hair doesn’t get wrapped around it.


To remove the yellow brush you simply push in the two grey clips on the cover, take the cover off then you can remove the brush and either clean it or change it. The water tank is also easily removed by pulling it out so you can fill it up, clean it or change the mopping pad with ease.


Setting it all up is really quite straightforward. When you open the box there is a small guide that tells your how to get started, then between the robot itself and the ECOVACS APP, you will be up and running within minutes. The hardest part of it all is trying to decide where you want to put the charging base, especially if y9ou live in a smaller house as there isn’t a whole lot of room to store a big robot in the middle of the floor. However, it is all well worth it once you have it up and running.

Ecovacs DEEBBOT OZMOT8 AIVI Robot 12

The T8 AIVI will get as close to walls as it physically can and does an absolutely brilliant job of hoovering. The first time around the house while it is mapping out does take a bit of time, but once it knows the layout it will make its way around your house much quicker.

Ecovacs DEEBBOT OZMOT8 AIVI Robot 10

We have a mix of laminate flooring and carpet in our house with the odd rug about as well. The DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI had absolutely no problem in switching between the different surfaces. The only thing that happened a couple of times is the robot would try to climb onto the rugs and would flip one of the corners up a bit but it would keep on going! It would take a few seconds but eventually, it would just climb right over the corner and keep on hoovering! At first, I did think it was going to get stuck but to my surprise, the T8 AIVI sorted itself out and kept on its path.

Ecovacs DEEBBOT OZMOT8 AIVI Robot 11

We generally use our hoover every day to try and keep on top of things. Instead of manually hoovering we let the T8 AIVI do all the work and I must say I was quite impressed with how much it managed to get up. Considering once it is all set up, you need to do nothing but empty the dust and change the water/mop pad it was nice to see just how much it did hoover up. Our house is also quite small so that made it even more impressive and I could tell a noticeable difference just from looking around after it went around the house. It is much harder to show the mopping feature but just knows, it will keep your floor clean from everyday messes but bigger/sticker spills may require a bit of additional help.

Ecovacs DEEBBOT OZMOT8 AIVI Robot 13


The App can be downloaded from the Apple and Play stores quite easily and will help you to get your new autonomous robot hoover all set up and running in minutes. The APP is quite easy to navigate and will even allow you to set no-go zones and start/stop your T8 robot. You will even be able to see how much charge your robot has so if needed, you can manually return it to its charging base.

ecovacs app

One of the cool things I had fun playing with is the security camera. You can control the Deebot OZMO T8 AIVI through the app and drive it around your house to check in on pets or anything else you may want to see. It also features a small speaker so you can even talk through it. I mean, just imagine this – drive it to your wife/husband and ask them for a drink, all without having to get up or yell across the house. This feature is definitely going to add a bit of a premium to the price so make sure you need it before buying the T8 AIVI. If you are not sure whether you will use it or not, it may be worth looking into some of the other ECOVACS products available.

T8 AIVI Webcam view

T8 AIVI Final Thoughts

I have used this for a couple of weeks and must say, it still amazes me every time I go to clean the dust tray out! The best thing about the T8 AIVI is that it has made it so I don’t have to manually hoover most days now, I have cut the manual hoovering down to once maybe twice a week now which is amazing. As you saw in the image above, the T8 AIVI does a great job of hoovering and well get up dust, pet hair, crumbs and more. The two smaller brushes on the front are a great addition as it allows the T8 AIVI to get right up to the wall and brush everything under itself so it can get hoovered up. If you have not used an autonomous robot hoover before, I cannot recommend the ECOVACS range enough as this is the second one we have had the pleasure of using. Even the mopping feature is very handy and the fact that it can switch between the carper and harder floors with ease is amazing. Once your home is mapped out, the T8 AIVI  will do its thing as and when needed and can even be controlled VIA the easy to use APP to your preferences.

The price is not for the faint of heart but if you can properly use the T8 AIVI it is well worth it. Alongside its hoover and mopping functions, it also has a webcam on it for added security that you can use to control the robot and essentially drive it around your house. When doing this, it also has a speaker so you can talk through the robot to your spouse or pets which is pretty cool. However, it will be up to your own discretion if this is a feature you will use or not so have a good thing about it as if you won’t use it, you can get a similar ECOVACS OZMO T8 for a bit cheaper. While it sounds a bit over the top, this is a great way to be able to check in on pets or even your children should you need to. However, as mentioned this will add a bit more to the price which generally comes in at £799 on AMAZON UK but they do frequently have vouchers and discount codes to help get it a bit cheaper.

As with most products, what it all comes down to is if this is the right product for you. While there are definitely cheaper options out there, you generally get what you pay for and if you buy cheap, you buy twice or more! ECOVACS is making a good name for itself as a premium manufacturer of autonomous robot hoovers! They have a wide range available, all of which come with different features and are well worth checking out if you are in the market for one. The OZMO T8 AIVI is going to be one of the more expensive ones but with its feature list and amazing functionality, it is well worth it. The only downside we had in our testing was where to put the charging base and this is due to having a smaller house so open floor space is just not something we have a lot of for anything, let alone our new friend the T8 AIVI. However, with how well it works, we have definitely made room for it and are happy to keep using it.

EnosTech Recommended Award

Currently available for £599 when applying £50 voucher on AMAZON UK: CLICK HERE