Crafting is more popular than ever. Not only are more people doing it for fun, but more people are creating businesses around it as well. Thanks to HTVRONT, crafters have some amazing tools at their disposal now which includes this Auto Tumbler Heat Press we are looking at today!

Previously, we have looked at their Auto Heat Press Machine which we have used to make some amazing custom Enos Tech shirts. Now, with the Auto Tumbler Heat Press, we can make even more custom merch, which is amazing. Being able to keep things in-house and having it still be so easy is a massive help for us!

Auto Tumbler Heat Press Closer Look

The box doesn’t have a whole lot going on with it. We can see the HTVRONT logo as well as an outline of what the heat press will look like.

PXL 20240219 120305986 scaled


Getting things out of the box and we have the Auto Tumbler Heat Press, a pair of gloves as things will get hot, some tape to tape your designs to your cup/mug, and, of course, a product manual.


PXL 20240219 120415857 scaled


The machine itself is quite basic and looks easy to use at first glance. It’s quite easy to see where the cups and mugs will go. If you have a handle, that will, of course, stick up through the top. There are a few buttons that will turn the press on and allow users to change the temperature and timing settings.


PXL 20240219 120426198 scaled


The big button that looks like an “R” is going to be what you press when you are ready to start your press. As the name would suggest, it’s all auto so there isn’t much to do once you have your settings dialed in.


PXL 20240219 120429685 scaled


The padding around the actual press is going to allow for different-sized cups and mugs to be used and ensure they don’t get broken in the process.


PXL 20240219 120444527 scaled


While it may be a bit hard to see in the below image, there is a bit of grip inside the press as well. This is to make sure your cup or mug doesn’t spin when being pressed, leaving you with the best image possible.


PXL 20240219 120449134 scaled


The plug on the Auto Tumbler Heat Press should be more than long enough for most users. While it won’t reach all the way crossed the room, you should be able to set it on your counter or table and plug it in with ease.


PXL 20240219 120501721 scaled


Not a lot to see on the bottom as it is all covered. There are four non-slip pads to make sure the machine also stays in place when being used. Remember, the machine does get very hot when being used so it’s best not to touch it for a while after use.


PXL 20240219 120510627 scaled


For our review, we went with the HTVRONT Sublimation Tumbler 4 Pack. These are straight bottles and should be easy enough for a first-timer to get used to their new machine.


PXL 20240219 120532164 scaled


One of the best things about these tumblers is that they come with metal straws and a straw-cleaning tool, giving you everything you need. Also, the boxes the tumblers come in are quite nice and could easily be customized to your needs if you so desire.


PXL 20240219 120613549 scaled


The top lid of the tumbler can be open or closed, this will also allow you to drink out of it without a straw if you want. However, as the straws come with it, it would be rude not to use them!


PXL 20240219 120644032 scaled


There is a nice rubber sealer around the plastic top piece as well to ensure your tumbler doesn’t leak when being used.


PXL 20240219 120708654 scaled


Inside the tumbler is nice and clean! The metal should also help keep drinks cold for a bit longer. Maybe not too long, but every bit helps.


PXL 20240219 120720075 scaled


Using the HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press

First, you are going to want to tape your design to your tumbler. As you will see, I did not get the right size design for my tumblers! This is a user error so make sure you get the right size for whatever products you are planning on using.


PXL 20240219 121532409 scaled


Next, you can insert the tumbler into the auto heat press. Once it has heated up to the correct temperature you can hit the “R” button and get things started. You will notice that the machine will close a bit, this is to make sure the press is nice and firm and will make sure your design sticks to your tumbler.


PXL 20240219 121546209 scaled


The press wraps around the tumbler quite nicely and leaves no gaps at all. The best part of all is that it doesn’t take all that long to press on some DTF to a tumbler, maybe around 60 seconds at most. Depending on your design, you may want to rotate your tumbler and press for a second time to make sure all areas are evenly covered.


PXL 20240219 121551063 scaled


Once it is done, you can take your tumbler out (make sure to use the gloves) and take the tap and paper off! Again, just make sure to get the right size DTF print for your items so they come out looking better than ours did. The press is fine, but the image is much smaller than the tumbler! I guess you live and you learn.


PXL 20240219 122715447 scaled


While the image may not have been the correct size, it still does look nice and has become my youngest son’s favorite water bottle. He loves the straw that comes with it and funny enough, this has got him to drink more water so I am happy with it as well.


PXL 20240219 122719785 scaled


Final Words

THE HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press is a nice little machine. It takes the hard work out of pressing tumblers, mugs, and cups and lets you enjoy the finished result. Still being quite new to the world of heat presses, I am impressed with how easy and well it works. From opening the box to having my first tumbler done in under 10 minutes, it is that simple.

At the time of writing this, the Auto Tumbler Heat press is priced at $135.99 which is great! For that price you are getting a machine that is so easy to use anyone can do it. This is going to be a great way for crafters and those with small businesses to offer more products without having to break the bank to buy the equipment.

I have some big plans for this tumbler heat press and it includes using it with the shirt press and getting some proper Enos Tech merch going here shortly. Best of all, it will be custom-made merch and not just our logo slapped onto some cheap products! Many thanks to HTVRONT for allowing us to review these products and helping us get one step closer to making custom merchandise!

Enos Tech Must Have Award