Taipei, June 5, 2024be quiet!, the German manufacturer renowned for premium PC components, is illuminating the halls of Nangang Exhibition Center at Computex 2024. The event’s highlights include the dazzling Light Base glass case series, innovative Light Loop AIO water cooling units, and the eagerly awaited Light Wings LX addition to their fan portfolio. Also featured are the high-end Dark Rock 5 single-tower air cooler, the mainstream Pure Power 12 power supply, and impressive builds showcasing the new Light products.

Light Base 900/600: Exceptional from Every Angle

02 bq Computex2024 LightBase600LX White scaled 03 bq Computex2024 LightBase600LX Inverted White scaled 04 bq Computex2024 LightBase600LX Horizontal scaled 05 bq Computex2024 LightBase900FX Regular Horizontal scaled 06 bq Computex2024 LightBase900FX Inverted scaled 07 bq Computex2024 LightBase900DX Horizontal scaled

The Light Base 900 and Light Base 600 series introduce be quiet!’s first ‘fishtank’ or ‘show case’ style cases. These cases feature fully windowed front and side panels, providing a stunning panoramic view of your PC components, while the two-chamber design neatly hides the PSU, drives, and cables. The Light Base cases offer three orientations: regular (right side), inverted (left side), and horizontal with glass windows on the top and front. They also support motherboards with backside connector designs, such as Asus BTF, Gigabyte Project Stealth, and MSI Project Zero.

  • Light Base 900 DX: The standard version, without fans, can accommodate two 420mm radiators simultaneously and includes a 1.5m ARGB LED strip for lighting effects.
  • Light Base 900 FX: Adds four Light Wings 140mm PWM fans for high airflow and quiet operation, featuring reverse fan blades for enhanced aesthetics.
  • Light Base 600 DX: A smaller version with a panoramic view, flexible layout options, support for up to 360mm radiators, and an ARGB LED strip.
  • Light Base 600 LX: Includes four pre-installed Light Wings LX 140mm PWM fans with reverse blades for better visuals.

Light Loop 360mm/240mm: Peak Performance and Lighting

10 bq Computex2024 LightLoop Black scaled 11 bq Computex2024 LightLoop White scaled 12 bq Computex2024 LightLoop Detail.png scaled

The new Light Loop 360mm and 240mm AIO water cooling units are designed for heavily overclocked systems, featuring an illuminated cooling block with 16 ARGB LEDs and Light Wings LX PWM high-speed fans. They utilize a state-of-the-art pump, a specially designed jet plate, and a cold plate for superior cooling performance. These AIO coolers come with an ARGB-PWM hub for up to 6 ARGB devices and fans, and an included coolant refill bottle ensures a long lifespan. Available in black and white, they are the first of be quiet!’s AIO coolers to offer color options.

Light Wings LX: Ideal for ARGB-Rich Builds

13 bq Computex2024 LightWings BlackWhite scaled 14 bq Computex2024 LightWings Black scaled 15 bq Computex2024 LightWings White scaled

The new Light Wings LX fan series continues the success of the Light Wings line, featuring an illuminated hub and optimized, frosted fan blades for excellent performance and lighting. With 16 LEDs allowing multiple colors and illumination modes, the ARGB connection can be daisy-chained for ease of use. Available in 120mm PWM, 120mm PWM high-speed, 140mm PWM, and 140mm PWM high-speed, they come in black (single and triple packs) and white (triple packs only). High-speed models feature a closed loop motor that maintains constant RPM regardless of air resistance.

Dark Rock 5: High Cooling Performance with High Compatibility

16 bq Computex2024 DarkRock5 scaled 17 bq Computex2024 DarkRock5 scaled 18 bq Computex2024 DarkRock5 scaled

The Dark Rock 5 combines exceptional cooling performance with high compatibility. It features an asymmetrical design and heat sink cut-outs for high RAM and VRM cooler compatibility, along with 6 copper heat pipes and a Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM fan for quiet operation. Its nickel-plated copper base is compatible with liquid metal thermal grease, and it boasts a sleek black coating with ceramic particles and a magnetic mesh top cover.

Pure Power 12: Quiet Operation with Superior Features

19 bq Computex2024 PurePower12 scaled 20 bq Computex2024 PurePower12 scaled

The Pure Power 12, a fixed-cable version of the award-winning Pure Power 12 M, offers full support for ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1, 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, and a silent 120mm fan. Available in 1000W, 850W, 750W, 650W, and 550W, it combines top-tier features with an attractive price, making it ideal for silent PC builds, office applications, and home theater systems.


Light Base 900 FX Black Sep/Oct 2024 $229.90 / €219.90
Light Base 900 FX White Sep/Oct 2024 $239.90 / €229.90
Light Base 900 DX Black Sep/Oct 2024 $179.90 / €169.90
Light Base 900 DX White Sep/Oct 2024 $187.90 / €179.90
Light Base 600 LX Black Sep/Oct 2024 $184.90 / €174.90
Light Base 600 LX White Sep/Oct 2024 $194.90 / €184.90
Light Base 600 DX Black Sep/Oct 2024 $149.90 / €139.90
Light Base 600 DX White Sep/Oct 2024 $159.90 / €149.90
Light Loop 360mm Black Sep 2024 $159.90 / €159.90
Light Loop 360mm White Sep 2024 $164.90 / €164.90
Light Loop 240mm Black Sep 2024 $129.90 / €129.90
Light Loop 240mm White Sep 2024 $134.90 / €134.90
Light Wings LX 140mm PWM high-speed Sep 2024 $19.90 / €19.90 (Black/Single)
$57.90 / €57.90 (Black/Triple)
$57.90 / €57.90 (White/Triple)
Light Wings LX 140mm PWM Sep 2024 $19.90 / €19.90 (Black/Single)
$57.90 / €57.90 (Black/Triple)
$57.90 / €57.90 (White/Triple)
Light Wings LX 120mm PWM high-speed Sep 2024 $18.90 / €18.90 (Black/Single)
$54.90 / €54.90 (Black/Triple)
$54.90 / €54.90 (White/Triple)
Light Wings LX 120mm PWM Sep 2024 $18.90 / €18.90 (Black/Single)
$54.90 / €54.90 (Black/Triple)
$54.90 / €54.90 (White/Triple)
Dark Rock 5 June 2024 $69.90 / €69.90
Pure Power 12 1000W Sep 2024 $134.90 / €134.90
Pure Power 12 850W Sep 2024 $114.90 / €114.90
Pure Power 12 750W Sep 2024 $104.90 / €104.90
Pure Power 12 650W Sep 2024 $89.90 / €89.90
Pure Power 12 550W Sep 2024 $79.90 / €79.90

Note: all prices are preliminary and may be subject to change