I’ve always been a bit skeptical about Wireless mice and keyboard, but the Periduo 712 does what it sets out to.

I used this combo with my home media centre so I could not only watch movies from my PC but now I can also browse the internet with ease. My couch is a good 10 feet away from the HTPC and I didn’t notice any issues with connectivity, plugged it in and was good to go. Even with all the other wireless devices in the house, the keyboard and mouse never seemed to have a problem, they worked nicely together.

The design is small and lightweight enough to be easily portable and sturdy enough to not feel as if you are going to break either the mouse or keyboard when using them. The nice red accenting adds a great aesthetical appeal while the flip out feet on the bottom and non-slip rubber pads offer increased functionality. This is definitely a combo you won’t mind leaving out on the coffee table when not in use as they won’t take up much room and do look quite nice.

Typing on and actually using the keyboard and mouse was enjoyable. If you are a heavy typist or gamer, these really aren’t meant for you but if you want to be able to do some light typing, say from your couch or what not these won’t let you down. I spent a good few hours browsing the web and various social media and both the keyboard and mouse were up to the task at hand. Using these reminded me a lot of using my laptop as the keys on the keyboard are similar and I have a small wireless mouse I use with it, which get the job done.

When it comes down to it, if you are looking for an easily portable wireless keyboard and mouse, the Perixx Periduo 712 is a great choice, especially given the price. They offer good performance in an aesthetically pleasing package that you won’t be ashamed to use.

Disclaimer: Perixx sent these items to me in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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